• Luxurious active active trip to Slovenia

    Active Slovenia

Luxurious active active trip to Slovenia

Slovenia is an active and green country to explore. It is small, so you can easily combine a bit of everything but if you want to be active and truly slowly discover all the secrets, to disconnect from the world and reconnect with yourself – this is the itinerary to start with. Your active trip to Slovenia with Ekorna EXPERIENCE will be luxurious, filled with unique experiences and will give you a chance to truly be you.


  • Ljubljana on a bike

  • Mountain detox

  • Hiking in the Alps

  • Paragliding above Lake Bled

  • Rafting, canyoning, ziplinning

  • Brown bear safari

  • UNESCO Škocjan cave visit

  • Mediterranean Sea


  • Adaptable itinerary to your wishes – tailor made

  • Possible to combine with other countries

  • Private trip

  • Guided trip

  • Active holidays in Slovenia, kayak
  • Hiking in Slovenia
  • Hiking, Velika planina, Slovenia
  • Active holidays in Slovenia, hiking
  • Horse riding, Slovenia
  • Ljubljana, cyclling, Slovenia
  • Paragliding, active Slovenia
  • Velika Planina, Luxurious Active holidays in Slovenia


Ljubljana is the tiny green capital of Slovenia. It is flat with most of the attractions surrounding a castle hill in the middle, but there are some great views and areas nearby, easily accessible by bike. And this is how you’ll get to know Ljubljana. On an easy but unique private bike trip full of interesting and fun stops along the way. It will be tailor-made for you, whether you prefer good food, interesting history, urban nature or just some fun.

Ljubljana, cyclling, Slovenia


These days will be all about the detox, a chance to disconnect. If you prefer hiking, Velika plain is the right choice. Easily reachable plateau in Slovenian mountains, full of picturesque wooden houses that belonged to shepherds – many still do, others have been renovated to offer all the comfort you need. If you prefer to stay just a bit closer to civilisation or if you prefer biking instead of hiking, the heavenly Jezersko valley is the place to go.

Luxurious hotels Slovenia
Velika Planina, Luxurious Active holidays in Slovenia
Horse riding, Slovenia
Cultural holidays in Slovenia, Bled


The highlights are the highlights for a reason. We will make sure you see Lake Bled in all its beauty. You’ll take a typical “pletna” boat ride to the island in the middle. And besides seeing the view from the scenic Bled castle, we can organize paragliding or skydiving above this amazing lake. You’ll have the best view in town.


The true Alpine adventure. A two day hike on the most beautiful hiking trail in the Slovenian Alps, in the Triglav National Park along the seven Triglav lakes. You will see the lakes, the change of natural scenery when slowly going up towards the cabin with the best possible view. The accommodation here is typical for a mountain cabin, not the most luxurious, but the experience definitely will be!


After a very active day, you’ll enjoy the relaxing scenic view, zigzagging by car through no fewer than 50 turns across the 1611 m high Vršič pass. On the way you can visit the Russian chapel – monument halloweed to the Russian soldiers who built this curved road during the World War I. From the Vršič pass, you will continue down the road to Trenta and Bovec – adventure sports center.

Active trip to Slovenia - Triglav lake hike
Slovenia, mountain pass
Active holidays in Slovenia


Soča river valley is an active traveller’s paradise. Other than hiking or biking along the emerald river, you have to try rafting, kayaking, canyoning or ziplining through the narrow valleys of crystal clear waters. But if you feel even more adventurous you can always try flying a plane, paragliding or even skydiving over this incredible area.

Paragliding, active Slovenia
Summer land & cruise trip in Slovenia


Slovenia is well known for its incredible underground karst caves. Škocjan cave is a UNESCO protected gem. It has one of the deepest underground canyons where you can still see the 200 year old exploration paths – it’s a real life Lord of the Rings scene. In the afternoon you’ll go into the woods for a unique opportunity to meet a brown bear in the wild.


Slovenian coast is short but incredibly scenic. Venetian towns, Istrian gastronomy, laid back lifestyle. Here you’ll be able to enjoy your time in the Slovenian Mediterranean Sea, cycle along the shore or take a flight to see it from above. Piran is the best-preserved urban cultural monument in Slovenian Istria. You have to get close to see and experience the architecture of the city, with the strong influence especially of the Republic of Venice.

Škocjan caves, Slovenia, UNESCO
Piran, Slovenia

Your active trip to Slovenia

Slovenia is a synonim for green and active in Europe. If you want to really experience it you simply have to include at least some of the natural parks. This itinerary can be modified for all different dificulties. We can include more or less hiking, luxury hotels or amazing glampings, adrenaline experiences or just a laisurly strole around the nicely done paths. You will be, throught the tour, accompanied by a personal guide/driver. This is just an example of itinerary that can be modified and tailor made for your needs and wishes. This itinerary can be easily combined with other itineraries that you can find on our web page.

We are locals.

We know all the secrets, all the best active experiences and amazing sights. Get your active trip to Slovenia for 2020 now!

Contact us or fill in our short but fun questionnaire to tell us exactly what your way of travelling is like, so that already our fist offer will be tailor made for you and you only.

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Ljubljana, Slovenia

Jezersko, Zgornje Jezersko, Slovenia

Velika Planina, Slovenia

Bled, Slovenia

Triglav National Park, Slovenia

Bovec, Slovenia

Skocjan Caves, Matavun, Divača, Slovenia

Piran, Slovenia