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Zagreb, Croatia


The capital city of Croatia, Zagreb, will soon be celebrating its millennial anniversary. It is a typical Central European town comfortable, full of history, charming coffee places, fine restaurants and green parks. In Zagreb there are 30 museums, 20 theatres, 45 galleries and 13 art collections. There are also almost a million hospitable inhabitants that give this city a truly lively and fun atmosphere. This is even more evident during special events like Zagreb Film festival, European Theatre Night, a magical Advent or be active during Zagreb Marathon or Zagreb night run.

Cultural holidays in Croatia

Romans in Croatia

Roman Empire was enormous and today Croatia was a big part of it. While travelling through Croatia you can still see many remains under the water if diving to sunken Roman galleons. Or above water – the Roman amphitheater in Pula is the only one with all 3 Roman architectural orders entirely preserved and one of the 6 largest Roman arenas in the world. Just imagine experiencing a concert inside with the perfect “Roman acoustic”.

Film spots in Croatia with Ekorna EXPERIENCE

King’s Landing, Red Keep Gardens, Essos – in Croatia they are closer than you might think… You can see these sights and get first hand stories about the filming, Danny and John Snow (*). And did you know that Mamma Mia 2 wasn’t shot in Greece but on the island of Vis? But that’s far from it. Even way back, Lord Byron has said that Dubrovnik is “The Pearl of the Adriatic”, Alfred Hitchcock confirmed that “Zadar has the most beautiful sunset in the world” and Jules Verne simply set his entire novel Mathias Sandorf in Croatian Pazin.

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Dubrovnik walls, Croatia
Dubrovnik, Croatia

Coastal towns of Croatia

The croatian coast is straight from the paradise and the charming coastal towns of Croatia add a lot to this charm. The towns date back centuries and have experienced all the turbulent European history from ancient times on. A walk through is like a walk through history. No wonder many are also in the UNESCO world heritage sites list. And you can see them in a classical way or with a bit of our help from the best viewpoints, with the best guides and with the experience you’ll remember forever.

Cultural holidays in Croatia, Dubrovnik
Rovinj, Croatia

Unique cultural holidays in Croatia

Cultural holidays in Croatia

Yugoslavia tours in Croatia

There are some fascinating historical sites, also from the more modern times. Croatia was part of the ex-Yugoslavia – the only country located on both sides of the iron curtain. Its passport was for a while the best passport in the world and its leader – Tito is a person full of controversies. Be as it is there is definitely no better place to learn about this recent past then from the people who lived it. We can arrange you a Tito Tour and an all in all Yugoslavian experience.

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Zagreb, Croatia

Dubrovnik, Croatia

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