• Summer land & cruise trip in Croatia & Slovenia

    Summer land & cruise trip in Croatia & Slovenia

Luxurious summer land & cruise trip in the Mediterranean

Slovenia is a small and green country that truly comes to life in the summer time. Croatia is characterized by more than 1000 islands and islets, pristine beaches and blue seas. They are both Mediterranean countries, one next to the other, waiting to be explored. This 2 week summer land & cruise trip by Ekorna EXPERIENCE will take you first on land through the best of Slovenia and will continue on a private cruise to Croatia. Keep reading to see two other surpises we added in the beginning and at the end of this itinerary – and keep in mind – we can tailor it however you prefer to make it perfect for you.


  • Vienna city escape with a private carriage ride

  • Private visit of Ljubljana

  • Private visit of Lake Bled

  • Sport activities at Soča river valley

  • Private tour of UNESCO protected Škocjan caves

  • Private cruise in Croatia

  • Private tour of Krka National Park

  • Private tour of Dubrovnik

  • Unique day trip to Bosnia or Montenegro


  • Adaptable itinerary to your wishes – tailor made

  • Possible to combine with other countries (Italy & Austria)

  • Private trip

  • Guided trip

  • Other Europe tour packages

  • Combine Slovenia with Austria
  • summer land & cruise trip in Croatia & Slovenia
  • Active holidays in Slovenia
  • Summer land & cruise trip in Slovenia
  • UNESCO Slovenian caves
  • Active holidays in Croatia
  • Luxury cruise in Croatia
  • Travel to Croatia
  • Yacht, Croatia
  • Summer land & cruise trip to Croatia
  • Luxury cruise in Croatia
  • GOT Croatia trip
  • Dubrovnik, Croatia

Combine Slovenia with Austria


Arrival to Vienna airport. This will give you the chance to explore this royal Austrian capital, the palaces, the music, the food. We’ll organize a typical carriage ride for you and a dinner with a view and a typical Vienna dessert. It will be your perfect European city escape before going into the unknown beautiful parts of this summer land & cruise trip in Croatia & Slovenia.

Cultural holidays in Slovenia, Ljubljana


From one capital to the other one. Smaller but also enchanting. For the summer time, of course, besides the private tour that will be included for you, don’t miss the chance to chill in one of many cafés by the river in the old town of Ljubljana. We can combine the experience with a dinner in the best restaurant in Ljubljana found in a castle tower overlooking the city.


Summer in Slovenia is all about being active. From Ljubljana you’ll go to the Alpine region and to Slovenian pearl – Lake Bled. Here you’ll take a private traditional boat ride “pletna” to the island in the middle of the lake. There you’ll go up the stairs all the way to the historic church where you’ll ring a bell to make all your wishes come true…

In the afternoon you’ll continue across scenic Vršič pass to Soča River valley. Vršič is the highest pass in Slovenia built during the Second World War and still in use today. From there expect to have the most beautiful views of the Slovenian biggest Triglav National Park when the curvy road takes you way up and then down again on the other side.

summer land & cruise trip in Croatia & Slovenia
Slovenia, mountain pass


In Soča River valley you’ll have a couple of days to do some sport activities. From easier hiking and biking to more active and adrenaline filled kayaking, rafting and canyoning. Or go way up into the sky by zip lining, paragliding, sky diving or even bungee jumping. This is the place to do that in Slovenia, in the Balkans and yes, in Europe as well.

Active holidays in Slovenia
Paragliding, active Slovenia

On the way to Croatia you will stop in Škocjan caves. One of many Slovenian caves but very unique and special. These caves are UNESCO protected, they have the deepest underground canyon in Europe and this is where the speleology started. Not only you’ll get the best possible view of the underground world – you’ll also see the historical paths carved into the walls that will make you dizzy just looking at them.

Škocjan caves, Slovenia, UNESCO


After the active days in Slovenia it is time for you to relax and to enjoy the classical summer activities in Croatia. Opt for a traditional gullet boat, a yacht, a sailing experience or a deluxe cruise – these days are going to be all about discovering the hidden, the private, the exclusive beaches of Croatian coastline.

Summer land & cruise trip in Croatia & Slovenia

Hiring a private vessel you will have all the liberty you might want. All the crew will be there to take care of you, you’ll even have a private chef on board. The itinerary will be adapted to your wishes – the Croatian coastal towns, remote islands, deserted beaches or sport activities – it is up to you and we’ll make sure you get only the best.

Luxury cruise in Croatia
Luxury cruise in Croatia
Travel to Croatia
Summer land & cruise trip in Croatia & Slovenia


In Zadar you’ll get cultural. It is the Roman town in Croatia, full of medieval churches and cosmopolitan cafes. It is not too crowded and here you can’t miss the organs played by the sea itself. On the way towards Split you’ll stop in Krka National Park protected already since 1985 where you’ll be able to refresh in the waterfalls.


Split is a lively city full of UNESCO sights, GOT movie location sights, Roman remains and of course the sea. You will have a private tour to get to know all the most important parts of it. The most beautiful sights. And since you will get a local guide – you’ll get a unique view into all the secrets of the town. From here you’ll continue to the Dalmatian jewel – Dubrovnik.

GOT Croatia trip


There are many day trips you can do from Dubrovnik to Bosnia or Montenegro. Or just stay one more extra day in Dubrovnik, of course. But opting for a daily trip will give you that view of how other ex-Yugoslavian countries look like.

Summer land & cruise trip, Montenegro

In Bosnia, you can visit the Christian pilgrimage sight – Medugorje or the iconic bridge and mosque of Mostar where you can, if you dare, jump or just stroll around the streets and observe the Ottoman influence in this region. Don’t forget to taste the typical Bosnian baklava or salty burek.

If you decide for Montenegro, there’s no place like St. Stefan if you want a true luxurious experience. It is a fortified island village connected to the mainland only by a narrow path. The 15th-century villas, impeccable sand beach and turquoise water will leave you speechless. Plus, this is definitely the most photogenic spot in all Montenegro so do let us know if you need a private photographer with you.

Summer land & cruise trip in Croatia & Slovenia
Summer land & cruise trip in Croatia & Slovenia


On the last night in Dubrovnik we’ll organize for you a special dinner in a Michelin star restaurant, the best in Croatia with the best view in Croatia – located in the iconic walls of this eternal Croatian town. Dubrovnik, end of your summer land & cruise trip in Croatia & Slovenia.

Summer land & cruise trip in Croatia & Slovenia

Your perfect summer land & cruise trip in Eastern Europe

This trip has it all! The green and lush Slovenia. With all its more or less hidden spots. The cultural escape to its charming little capital Ljubljan. The Croatian sea – a cruise of your dreams to share with your loved one(s). A gastronomy experience of the freshest, the most local, the Mediterranean food. And as a cherry on a cake we added a city escape to Vienna on arrival and a day trip to Bosnia or Montenegro to get a taste of other ex-Yugoslavian countries.

You will be, through the tour, accompanied by a personal guide/driver and we can even include a professional photographer for the best pictures of your trip. Also, this is just an example of itinerary that can be modified and tailor made for your needs and wishes. This itinerary can be easily combined with other itineraries that you can find on our web page.

We are locals.

We know all the secrets, the most romantic experiences and amazing sights. Get your unique summer land & cruise trip in Croatia & Slovenia tailor for you!

Contact us or fill in our short but fun questionnaire to tell us exactly what your way of travelling is like, so that already our fist offer will be tailor made for you and you only.

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Vienna, Austria

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Bled, Slovenia

Soška dolina, Soča, Slovenia

Skocjan Caves, Begunje pri Cerknici, Slovenia

Opatija, Croatia

Hvar, Croatia

Krka National Park, Lozovac, Croatia

Split, Croatia

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Međugorje, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sveti Stefan, Montenegro