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Luxurious hotels in Slovenia

When traveling to Slovenia with Ekorna EXPERIENCE you have many options when it comes to accommodation. Modern, stylish, located in the best possible spots you can hope for in Slovenia – in front of the most amazing Lake Bled or with the best view of Ljubljana city center. There are also enough options in the peaceful Slovenian mountains or with the infinite sea view. Whether you are an individual guest or if you’re looking for a perfect place for your incentive group, the hotel options are various.

Travel to Slovenia, sleep in a wine barrel

Unique accommodation in Slovenia

Five star hotels are great but if you want to make a real luxurious experience out of your night stay decide for one of Slovenia’s special and unique accommodations. For every 70 inhabitants of Slovenia, there was supposed to be one vineyard. The wine is sacred – it is also renowned, of good quality and despite Slovenia being so small, it has 7 very distinct wine regions. So if you wander where to sleep in Slovenia, try sleeping in a wine barrel or in traditional hundreds of years old vineyard cottages.

Where to sleep in Slovenia – Glampings

Slovenia is a cradle of a new form of accommodation. Joining camping in the most pristine nature with all the glamour that you deserve, you get a new type of accomodation, glamping. In fact, it was Slovenian glamping that was the first in the world to receive all 6 stars. You can sleep in a tree, surrounded by nature but still have all the luxury you want. All that just next to Slovenians pearl – the astonishing Lake Bled.

Glamping Olimia, Slovenia
Travel to Slovenia, glamping

If you want to stay closer to the ground and still enjoy this unique accommodation type you can try herbal, honey, chocolate or thermal spa glamping that include different workshops, local fresh breakfast, wellness and definitely the best views you can hope for.  Scattered all around Slovenian beautiful natural places, we know all the best ones.

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Where to sleep in Slovenia, glamping
Romantic trip to Slovenia

Where to sleep in Slovenia – Luxury accommodation

Where to sleep in Slovenia, tourist farm

Slovenian luxurious tourist farms and countryside homestays

Closely connected to glamping in Slovenia, there are almost 400 tourist farms and countryside homestays. The majority of them are basic, but there are a few hidden gems where you can experience the morning alarm call of the local rooster, sleep between fresh wind-dried sheets, have a tasty homemade meal and still feel luxurious. This type of accommodation is especially interesting for families with children who will have a blast getting to know farm animals and the countryside way of life.

Boutique hotels, Slovenia

Boutique hotels in Slovenia

There are many small and boutique hotels in Slovenia. They offer the luxury that is many times even superior of 5* hotels and the experience can be priceless. You can sleep in a renovated old Karst stone house, having a local wine tasting in the evening and a delicate locally cured ham for breakfast. There are also traditional wooden Alpine traditional houses with the mountain peak views, fresh morning air with local dairy products waiting for you at the table. With small distances in Slovenia, you can try them both.

Slovenian medieval castles and old manors

Do you want to know how it is to truly feel like royalty? Treat yourself to staying in one of the Slovenian medieval castles and old manors. Imagine sleeping in one of the boutique rooms and suites or directly in the castle tower. You can choose between a prestigious castle on a small island in the middle of the river or on a golf course. Wake up like royalty with the perfect view of the Alps or surrounded by the most amazing vineyards.

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Slovenian castles

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