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Food tour Croatia

Gastronomy in Croatia

Croatian gastronomy is gaining notice year by year, so plan your gastronomy trip to Croatia now. The many different regions offer a vast variety of the most surprising flavors. The continental region is completely Slavic with Hungarian, Viennese and Turkish influences. But in the Mediterranean part you will experience the fusion of Greek, Roman and Illyrian influences in many fish dishes and an iconic wine offer. The Croatian cuisine has a centuries long tradition and you can try the traditional or more modern versions while exploring Croatia.

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Food tour Croatia, Croatian wine

Wine tradition in Croatia

Like gastronomy the wine tradition in Croatia goes back thousands of years and is characterized by a vast variety of climatic conditions. In the north you can find conditions similar to Alpine wine regions with a much cooler climate and green tones. While in the South the hot Mediterranean weather defines the wines produced there. These famous Croatian vineyards have the best view in the world. The vineyards descend steeply several hundred meters, all the way down, into the clear Adriatic Sea.

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Michelin star restaurants in Croatia

By now Croatia already has 7 restaurants with a prestigious Michelin star (*). In 2020 more restaurants were added to the list, while 2 retained their star. But that is not all, there are also 10 restaurants on the Bib Gourmand list and 50 more have the Michelin Plate label. There, no matter what you’ll choose traditional or more modern version of Croatian and international cuisine, you are guaranteed the best service and an unforgettable gastronomical experience.

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Gastronomy trip to Croatia, oysters

The best oysters in the world from Croatia

Here is something for you if you’re looking for a truly romantic experience in Croatia. Oysters are believed to be a very good aphrodisiac, even more so when pulled from the water fresh and consumed with the view of crystal seas and with Dubrovnik in front of you. But this is not all, these Croatian oysters are considered as one of the best (if not the best) in the world due to a unique and distinctive natural nutrient blend provided by the salty sea in the bay and fresh, mineral-heavy river water.

Travel to Croatia, Croatian gastronomy
Food tour Croatia

Tasty Croatia

Croatian Gastronomy, truffles

Truffles in Croatia

Unlike wine and oysters, truffles are a novelty in Croatian gastronomy. Several excellent types of truffles grow in Istria throughout the year but it wasn’t until the beginning of the last century that Croatians actually started to search for them and use them. Nowadays you can count on amazing truffle dishes all around the Istria region. And if you feel lucky you can even try to find some yourself. In autumn a hunt for the most prestigious white truffle, that can cost more than 3000 € for 1 kg, opens up…

Romantic luxurious experience amongst the olive trees

Olive oil in Croatia

Mediterranean liquid gold, from a small, magical food that grows all around the Croatian coastline. The olives. They can be used to make the most prestigious oil, as a cold appetizer, in salads or as an addition to many different dishes. Olives are also a crucial part of the Mediterranean diet that was inscribed on UNESCO’s list of intangible heritage and as such even more precious. The iconic old olive trees symbolize peace, wisdom, strength and fertility since the ancient times and in Croatia you can become part of this unique experience.

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