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Active holidays in Croatia, kayak

Sea canoeing and kayaking in Croatia

There are plenty of more traditional, fluvial experiences in a canoe or kayak in Croatia but if you want something truly unique to opt for the sea experience and get to know up close at least a small part of Croatian 66 islands, 652 islets, 389 rocks and 78 reefs. Many are protected by the UNESCO – like for example – Dubrovnik (*). Going kayaking, you can see it from a different point of view. Escape the crowds and experience Dubrovnik differently, find the hidden sandy beaches and enjoy the views.

Luxurious sailing in Croatia

Sailing in Croatia

There are 1000+ islands in Croatia and a very long coastline. But the clear waters and pristine beaches are not the only thing you will see while sailing in Croatia. There are 10 Croatian UNESCO World Heritage sites within a short sailing distance. And along the way you can enjoy the national and nature parks, distinct wine and of course, coastal towns of Croatia and Mediterranean diet – also protected by UNESCO.

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Active holidays in Croatia

They say “the sky is the limit”, but we at Ekorna EXPERIENCE have more to offer. The view from above is always unique and special. And you don’t even have to be that brave! You can fly in a balloon, you can do a scenic flight in a private plane or paraglide amongst the hills, above the valleys. But, did you know that the inventor of the parachute – Faust Vrančić – was born in Croatia? So if you prefer an adrenaline rush you can always try skydiving or even BASE jumping or wing suits.

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Active sea holidays in Croatia

Croatian coastline

On the Croatian coastline you can definitely just sunbathe and relax but you can also make it a unique active holiday. Windsurfing, already mentioned canoeing and kayaking, stand up paddling, water skiing, jet skiing, flyboarding, parasailing, banana riding, bumper riding and of course the classical ones like swimming, snorkeling or diving. You name it, Ekorna EXPERIENCE gets it for you.

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Active sea holidays in Croatia
Water skiing in Croatia

The best of Croatian active holidays

Diving in Croatia

Diving in Croatia

Speaking of, “a different point of view”, from high in the sky immerse yourself into the depths of the magical underwater world of the Croatian Mediterranean Sea. With visibility up to 50 meters you’ll be able to really enjoy in the rich flora and fauna, sunken ships and even Roman galleons. It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced diver or if it would be your first time diving, there is something for everyone. And for the particularly daring, there are also possibilities for cave diving in the karst regions of Dalmatia.

Plitvice lakes National park, Croatia

Croatian National parks

More than 10 % of Croatia is protected. And in many of its National Parks you can enjoy the pristine nature really easily. You can really be active and hike or bike around or you decide for a more relaxed option, stay on the well maintained and easy tracks, simply relax and listen to the flow of the rivers, observe the perfect reflection in the lake and just listen to the birds and look at the stars. You can get the best of nature in a still perfectly luxurious experience.

Combining luxurious experiences for you

Active gastronomy holidays in Croatia

Who says you can’t be active and have the best gastronomic experience? There is an easy way of just dining in the best restaurants along the way. But if you are really looking for something special we can help you get creative, active and catch the best food experience Croatia has to offer. Easily catch a fish, find fresh oysters, go truffle hunting, make your own olive oil or join in the harvest to see how the best wine is made.

Croatian wine

With us everything is not just about the gold and the glamour, it is the luxury of the experience that we value the most.

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