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Bear safari in Slovenia

Brown bear safari in Slovenia

It is one of the greenest countries – the first to receive the Green Destination certificate in 2016. Slovenia covers less than 0,004 % of the Earth’s surface but contains 1 % of the world’s biodiversity. However, the Slovenian king of the animals is definitely the brown bear. There are between 400 and 500 of these majestic beasts. Observing them in their natural environment, during a bear safari, is a one of a kind luxurious experience in Slovenia, for all nature lovers.

Luxurious Active holidays in Slovenia, Bled

Biking and hiking in Slovenia

All in all more than half of Slovenia is protected which helps to make it the most sustainable country in the world – confirmed by the National Geographic in 2017 (*). There are countless biking and hiking trails that will make you feel connected with the nature like never before. And to feel luxurious there are more than enough boutique hotels on the way where you’ll be able to rest and wake up with the best views.

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Active Gastronomy holidays in Slovenia

If you enjoy in local gastronomy there are plenty of unique experiences you can try in Slovenia. You can become a salt harvester for a day, visit one of the best fish farms in the world and learn how to recognize a really fresh fish. You can also join in the harvesting and wine production or olive picking with amazing tastings at the end. Or how about watching the bees do their honey magic. The majority of these experiences are seasonal but we will help you find the best one for you.

Romantic trip to Slovenia, slovenian wine
Active holidays in Slovenia

Active in Slovenian waters

While the Slovenian coastline is only 28 miles (46 km) long there are over 17.000 miles (27.000 km) of rivers in Slovenia, numerous lakes and 87 natural thermal water springs. No matter what you crave for, we will find something for you – a relaxing spa or sailing across the blue Mediterranean Sea. But there are also many adrenaline options like kayaking, rafting and canyoning in Slovenian rivers.

Luxurious Active holidays in Slovenia
Hiking in Slovenia

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Active winter holidays in Slovenia

Active winter in Slovenia

Slovenia is beautiful in all the seasons, also in the wintertime. There are several ski resorts you can choose from but the pearl are the most unique activities like ice climbing on the frozen waterfall and snowshoeing in the biggest Slovenian National Park Triglav. With a little bit of luck, you might even get the chance to ice skate over the icy Lake Bled all the way to the island in the middle. Winter transforms Slovenia into a white wonderland.

Slovenian golf

Golf in Slovenia

Do you enjoy playing golf but want to see something else as well? Slovenia is perfect for you. Due to small distances you will be actually able to plan at various courses around Slovenia in a single day. You can also combine it with any of the other experiences we offer or unique accommodation experiences directly at the golf course.

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Combining luxurious experiences for you

Slovenia is a small country with a surface area of just a bit over 2 million of hectares (20.000 km2) but if the underground world would count, Slovenia would be much bigger since there are more than 10.000 caves in Slovenia. Škocjan caves’ underground canyons are protected by the UNESCO while in the Postojna cave – the longest tourist cave in Europe – you have to take a historic train to get to the most beautiful parts. In a unique experience you can even walk the old paths of the first cave explorers in the world, enjoy an underground concert or take an underground boat tour.

UNESCO Slovenian caves
Postojna cave, Slovenia

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