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World’s best female chef of 2017

The world’s best female chef from Slovenia

Slovenians are true gourmets and wine lovers – you will see that if you decide to travel to Slovenia. Here you can even meet the world’s best female chef of 2017 – Ana Roš – recognized by the academy, The World’s 50 best restaurants, her restaurant can also be found in the latest top 50 restaurants of the world list (*). She swears by fresh local ingredients that pair perfectly with the world class wine selection. With her help and also the help of other renowned chefs like Tomaž Kavčič, Janez Bratovž and Uroš Štefelin you will experience traditional Slovenian gastronomy in a modern way and on the highest level.

The oldest vine in the world, Maribor, Slovenia

Wine tradition in Slovenia

There is said to be 1 vineyard for every 70 people in Slovenia. And the wine tradition in Slovenia is extremely long – in fact, the oldest vine in the world is from Slovenia and you can still see it and even drink the prestigious wine made from its grapes. If you are here in autumn you can even try yourself in harvesting before the wine tasting. You will see how this liquid gold is made and if not yet, you can learn how to truly recognise the best quality wines.

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Gastronomy trip to Slovenia – Wine EXPERIENCES

Due to a variety of landscapes and climate conditions in otherwise small Slovenia, there are, all in all, 7 unique wine regions in Slovenia. The majority of Slovenian wine makers produce small quantities of high quality wine, that you can get only in boutique cellars around the world. With us you can see where they come from and how they are made or even get a unique wine tasting, dining or overnight experience among the vines. This will make your gastronomy trip to Slovenia even more special and memorable.

Gastronomy trip to Slovenia, Slovenian wine
Honey glamping, honey massage, Slovenia

Honey in Slovenia

Not just wine, Slovenian honey is extremely important too. There are around 90,000 beekeepers in a total population of just two million. Just like wine there are different qualities and varieties of honey. With EKORNA LUXURY you can experience it – taste it, get close to the bees. We can even arrange a honey wellness treatment for you and you can even spend the night in a honey themed glamping resort.

Gastronomy trip to Slovenia, slovenian salt
Romantic trip to Slovenia

Gastronomy trip to Slovenian coastline

Secoveljske soline, Slovenia

Salt pans in Slovenia

Slovenian coastline is short indeed, but it makes up for it with the incredible variety of landscapes and gastronomy offers. One of the main pearls of the Slovenian coast are the Sečovlje salt pans, that were first mentioned in written records way back in the year 804. Today they maintain the traditional style of salt harvesting and they sell it all around the world. The salt pans are protected area and in the middle of it you can get the salty spa treatment.

Gastronomy trip to Slovenia, the best seabass in the world

The best sea bass in the world from Slovenia

Just next to the salt pans you can find one of the best fish farms in the world. One of the unique experiences is to see how the leading fish farm produces the best sea bass in the World in the middle of the natural park. And yes, you will be able to taste it as well. The sea here is clean, deep and has a strong current, making it a perfect location, combined with only the best hand-picked food, the results are amazing. Along the fish farm there can also be found an abundance of free-living fish.

Tasty active experiences

Olive oil in Slovenia

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Olive trees, concert, Slovenia

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Kobarid, Slovenia

Maribor, Slovenia

Sečoveljske soline, Parecag, Sečovlje - Sicciole, Slovenia

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