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As one of the European wine countries, Slovenia is not new on the wine map. Its wine history goes back to somewhere between 5th and 4th century BC, when the early tribes already started cultivating vines, for the production of wine. Since Slovenia gained its independence, from the former Yugoslavia, it really started to develop its wine culture and is now well known on the world’s wine menu. So making a Slovenian wine tour is a true must and an unexpected surprise.

Take a look at some of the wine related experiences in Slovenia that we have prepared for you and plan your next trip to Slovenia now.

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Slovenian wine tour

Slovenian wine tour – 3 main wine regions

Wine tasting in Slovenia

Littoral Wine Region of Slovenia

Is your order often a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir or Chardonnay?

If yes, you are invited to our Littoral Region in Slovenia. The region is planted with all of these well-known international varieties of grapes and is the best known wine region of Slovenia. If you, for example, want to do wine tasting in Goriska Brda, this is the region you will visit.

Gastronomy tour
Slovenian wine tour

Now picture this. You are on the Slovenian cost, having a glass of fabulous wine, with a spectacular view in front, but the wine is not served to you by the waiter. The wine just comes pouring out of a fountain.

For all the wine lovers, Ekorna Experience takes you to the first wine fountain in Slovenia. There you will get to know some of the best wines from the Slovenian Istria. Take this experience to another level by trying some homemade cheese and bread with the thin sliced Istrian prosciutto on the side.

Travel to Slovenia, sleep in a wine barrel

Drava Wine Region of Slovenia

Anyone that wants to go a step further with the wine experience and truly add value to Slovenian wine tour, the Drava Region is a definite must to visit. Not only that you can taste the wine from the barrels, you can also sleep in one. Yes that’s right, you can sleep in a wine barrel. It is a part of a glamping experience in Slovenia, where your accommodation alone represents a different and a unique experience, worthy of your bucket list. And near there you can also find a Slovenian heart shaped vineyard road.

Slovenian Jeruzalem

Did you know that Slovenia has its own Jerusalem? It has nothing to do with the other one though. It is way greener and full of wine, of course. Here we can organize for you a typical Slovenian wine tasting in one of the family run wine cellars, where they will most definitely include the pride of Jeruzalem, the Šipon white wine. You will also pair it with the best view over the hills and some of the best local food, taking your gastronomy experience to another level. Plates with fresh ingredients, from the garden in front of the house, from the field, from the barn.

Slovenian wine tour

Lower Sava Wine Region of Slovenia

Slovenian vineyards are full of hundred year old traditional hoses, they are picturesque, unique and truly special. This is where Ekorna Experience will take you, to present to you the region’s pride, the Cviček wine. Cviček is a blend of red and white grapes, but for the whole story of this wine, you will have to let us take you there. And by the way, did we mention you might even be greeted by the Slovenian wine queen herself?

Slovenian wine tour
Slovenian wine landscape

Slovenian wine tour – wine trails

Slovenian wine tour

Getting to knowledge about wine can also be an active holiday. In Slovenia there are also wine trails that you can explore by bicycle or going on short hiking trails in different regions. Enjoying the nature, surrounded by vineyards, but still passing by wine cellars, where winemakers offer a quick bite of local specialties, paired with a glass of wine. Each trail offers something extra to experience, a chance to visit a castle, be a part of grape harvesting or see the landscape of 4 countries from a wine tower.

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Slovenian wine tour - Hrastovlje
Slovenian wine tour

Slovenian wine tour – 6 wine holidays in Slovenia

There are about a dozen wine festivals in Slovenia, starting already in the spring, with corks unscrewed throughout the country. Each region brings something exciting to the table. The main time for wine festivals is however in September around the harvest time and around the main wine holidays.

There are 6 wine holidays in Slovenia spread out through the whole year, so picking the date for your Slovenian wine tour can be easier than you think. Check them out and let us know what would you prefer:

Spring break in Slovenia or Gourmand autumn tour

The oldest vine in the world, Maribor, Slovenia

Old Vine Holiday

Yes, we have it. The oldest vine in the world is in Slovenia (*). A 400 year old vine is also in the Guinness Book of World Records, as the oldest existing vine the world. Of course it’s something to celebrate and around the month of October, join us on this occasion and get to know how the vine maintained its longevity. Pair with a local spa center and you have a perfect romantic getaway.

Romantic itinerary
Saint Martin's day in Slovenia

Saint Martin’s Day

In the month of November, Ekorna Experience gladly invites you to the most famous wine holiday in Slovenia, the Saint Martin’s day. It’s celebrating the time when must turns into wine and is ready to be bottled. The holiday is celebrated all around the country, but the best way to feel it, is to go where the winemakers are, where the vineyards are. We also suggest staying the night there, in a typical vineyard cottage ‘’ zidanica’’, so that you stay in the center of things.

Saint Martin's day in Slovenia

And don’t worry about what you will be eating. The typical food for St. Martin’s day is the roasted duck, with some red cabbage on the side. Then comes the dessert, one of the most famous gastronomic delights in Slovenia, Potica. Depending on a region you will get dishes influenced by Italian or Austrian cuisine mixed into the unique Slovenian blend. The perfect addition to your Slovenian wine tour.

Gastronomy of Slovenia
Slovenian wine tour

Saint Vincent Day

Just when the New Year’s holidays pass, comes the winemakers’ New Year. January is the month when the winemakers take their time to check the vines, to see what the upcoming year brings for them. This is a holiday aimed more towards gaining new knowledge about the vines and wine in general.

Saint Tryphon Day

In February we celebrate the day of love, the love for wine. Slovenians preserved this wine holiday from the former Yugoslavia times. It’s the time when the winemakers celebrate their trust in the vineyard, hoping to bring them a prosperous season. Like the Valentine’s Day, both holidays are a chance to enjoy a glass of smooth Slovenian wine. Join the two.

Spring Holiday

March is the month when you start getting into spring mode. It is all about small villages during this time. Normally about 20 of the local winemakers all over Slovenia open the doors to their wine cellars, offering wine tastings accompanied by typical local dishes.

Cherry festival in Slovenia

Cherry Holiday

The smell of cherries is in the air. While June is the month when the cherry harvest starts, the wine enthusiasts also sense the cherry like smell in the air. The smell of dark ripe fruit comes from the smooth Merlot and the exquisite Cabernet Sauvignon. This holiday attracts every year about 30.000 visitors. Some of the best wine makers open their barrels and share their experiences and knowledge. While at the festival, Ekorna Experience has your accommodation also covered, try a night’s stay in a medieval castle.

Unique accommodation
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Slovenian wine festival

For the more business minded wine lovers, the sommeliers, the wine traders, oenologists or just for the wine enthusiasts at heart, you should visit the Slovenian Wine Festival, held in the capital city of Ljubljana. And even outside the time of the festival, you can enjoy Ljubljana. There are many wine bars in the city center. You can easily stay in a nice boutique hotel, get some culture knowledge during the day and go for a wine tasting in the evening, just steps away from the hotel.

So basically, we could go on and on and on about Slovenian wine, Slovenian wine regions and all the things you can see, experience and do related to wine. Honestly, we can’t even see a trip to Slovenia without including at least a cup (or two, or maybe three) of this delicious drink. Contact us, let us know when are you planning to have your trip to Slovenia and we’ll make sure to put in your tailor made itinerary all the best wine experiences we can find.

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