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Slovenia is the green gem of Europe. Luxurious glamping in Slovenia is the experience you can have in this country. Of course, there are many of them, some better and others worse. Keep reading and you’ll be sleeping in a wine barrel, tree house and enjoy the most local inspired relaxation. There’s a bit for everyone. For couples in love or even on an atypical honeymoon. For families with children. And for the elderly who want to enjoy nature with style.

Here, we have prepared a list of top 10 experiences you can have if you decide for luxurious glamping in Slovenia.

We are here for you to organize the entire trip, so you don’t have to. This way you’ll save a lot of time, since picking the best glamping, is somehow tricky. We’ll find you the best deals, hidden places and Slovenian secrets.

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Top 10 experiences in luxurious glampings in Slovenia

Travel to Slovenia, sleep in a wine barrel

1) Sleeping in a wine barrel

Slovenia is a wine country. Did you know that even the national anthem of Slovenia basically translates as “A toast”? So no wonder you can even sleep in a wine barrel. This Slovenian glamping is found just next to one of the oldest Slovenian towns, Ptuj. Very near is also one of the most picturesque wine regions of Slovenia – Jeruzalem. And the iconic heart-shaped wine road – sLOVEnia.

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Luxurious glamping in Slovenia - tree houses

2) Sleeping in a tree house

That’s a classic. Tree houses are very popular amongst luxurious glampings in Slovenia. Bled glamping, that’s one of the pioneers of this type of accommodation in Slovenia, is all about tree houses. It is also the only Slovenian glamping so far to receive a certificate for being a 5* Slovenian experience. It offers a perfect location, amazing local food and a truly unique experience. It gets filled really quickly though so in case it is full for your dates, there are several other options of really good tree houses amongst which are also chocolate or herb themed luxurious glampings in Slovenia.

Glamping in Slovenia with Ekorna EXPERIENCE

3) Honey massage in a luxurious glamping in Slovenia

Honey is the second product of Slovenia that has a very significant national importance and is subject to national pride. There’s a long tradition of beekeeping so you’ll be able to see old traditionally painted hives and taste one of the best honeys in the world. But why just taste it? You can stay in a unique Slovenian honey themed glamping where you’ll sleep in a beehive glamping house, eat local honey for the breakfast and even get a honey massage. You’ll definitely bee happy 🙂

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Travel to Slovenia, glamping
Luxurious glamping in Slovenia - honey
Luxurious glamping in Slovenia - Velika planina

4) Local breakfast

Luxurious glampings in Slovenia that offer local products for breakfast show that they are strongly connected with the local community and can therefore really offer you a one of a kind experience. Slovenia is, by default, an organic and ecofriendly country. Local products are many times produced in small, family owned farms all around Slovenia. The taste will be amazing. Ask for Slovenian honey, marmalade, freshly baked bread, local eggs and other dairy products. And have in mind that each region offers something of its own while Slovenian gastronomy in general is a mixture of Italian, Austrian and Slavic influences.

Slovenian Gastronomy
Slovenian gastronomy

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Glamping in Slovenia

5) Off the beaten track places

Glamping in Bled is certainly possible; there are several glamping options all around the area. However, to be fair, the majority of luxurious Slovenian glampings can be found in a bit remote places, taking you into the wild, showing you off the beaten track locations. Nevertheless, don’t worry. Slovenia is truly a small country, any place you choose, we can organize you a car or a guide to take you to all must see places around Slovenia.

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Luxurious glamping in Slovenia - tree houses

6) Pristine nature in a luxurious glamping in Slovenia

Slovenia is a green country, full of nature. Glamping locations are in the heart of the lush nature. Those are normally peaceful areas where you’ll be able to relax, reconnect with yourself and explore the area around you. In luxurious glampings you’ll find many options that will help you to truly detox yourself while in others you’ll be able to get active with many adrenalin adventures and natural activities such as hiking and cycling around the area.

7) The most unique views from a luxurious glamping in Slovenia

As mentioned a couple of times already, the majority of luxurious glamping spots in Slovenia are located in the middle of nature. Some of them don’t really have views all around but are rather tucked into the forest. So your view will be onto the green lush nature, many times overlooking also a river or a lake. Others, however, are located in a bit more remote areas, on higher grounds within Slovenian Alps, and offer a unique special views of the entire Alpine valley below.

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Luxurious glamping in Slovenia - the views
Luxurious glamping in Slovenia for couples

8) Romantic retreat

Believe it or not, glamping can be a truly romantic experience. A perfect quiet place for the two of you. Just imagine wakening up to the best possible view with birds singing around you. Or watching millions of stars from your personal hot tub at night. Breakfast in bed or a romantic dinner made out of local products – so tasty you’ll remember it forever. Glamping style vacations tend to vary between themselves – some are more adventurous, the other – perfectly romantic.

Romantic Slovenia
Luxurious glamping in Slovenia for couples
Luxurious glamping in Slovenia for couples
Combine glamping in Slovenia with spa retreat

9) Combine your glamping experience with a Slovenian spa

Slovenia is also full of thermal water and recognized spa centres. There are some very good medical facilities but when talking about glamping we’ll focus more on leisure spa centres. Instead of sleeping in a hotel you can opt for their glamping section. You’ll have an amazing experience of staying in a glamorous tent but you’ll still be able to use all the facilities they offer – we’re talking about thermal water pools, saunas, massages, restricted areas for adults only or a kid section. You name it, we’ll find it.

Glamping in Slovenia with children

10) Fun for kids

Glamping in Slovenia with children is an experience on its own. It will definitely help them to get in touch with nature. But there are also some glamping options in Slovenia designed to trigger children’s imagination. They are not so much focused on nature but rather offer a lot of fun. If you prefer the first option, we’d recommend deciding for one of the treehouses. But if you are looking for just relaxed fun, something like the Indian village or the Pirate bay in a Slovenian spa center, would be a better choice.

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Luxurious glamping in Slovenia with Ekorna EXPERIENCE

As you can see, in Slovenia, you can find all sorts of glampings.  There are a few that are really basic, just like in a campsite, with a bit fancier tents. Luxurious glampings in Slovenia, however, offer a much better experience, many more options and a true glamping holiday. Don’t forget to book it well in advance since they fill up very fast.

Contact us. We’ll organize you the entire trip, not just the glamping part. We will add a private guide, transfers and visits to create the perfect mix for your days off. And if you tell us what you’re looking for – also the most perfect glamping.

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