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Game of Thrones Croatia trip

This is the ultimate GOT Croatia trip! Croatia inspired many books in the past and got flooded by Hollywood in the more modern times. It is full of different filming locations – like for example Mamma Mia 2, Fiddler on the Roof, Sophie’s Choice, Dr. Who and Star War. But the star of them all is most definitely the Game of Thrones (GOT) series and with Ekorna EXPERIENCE your travel through Croatia will be different, more dramatic, more movie like.


  • Private tour of Zagreb
  • Private Krka national Park tour
  • Split – the city of Meereen
  • Trogir – the City of Qarth
  • Dubrovnik – the King’s Landing


  • Adaptable itinerary to your wishes – tailor made
  • Possible to combine with other countries
  • Private trip
  • Guided trip
  • Cultural holidays in Croatia
  • Cultural holidays in Croatia, Dubrovnik
  • Plitvice lakes National park, Croatia
  • GOT Croatia trip
  • Dubrovnik, Croatia


The programme can start in Zagreb to see a bit more of the non-GOT Croatia, or in any of the nearby airports like Zadar or Split. Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, will soon be 1000 years old. As a typical Central European town it is comfortable, full of history, charming coffee places, fine restaurants and green parks.

Zagreb, Croatia trip


Start the day slowly with the visit of the season 4 scenes while enjoying the freshness and the view of the waterfalls. And soak in the first views of the Mediterranean from the walls of Šibenik seen in the 5th season (1).

Plitvice lakes, Croatia
GOT Croatia trip


On the way towards Split you will first stop in the picturesque city of Trogir, also known as the City of Qarth – “The Greatest City that Ever Was or Will Be”. Split is already an impressive town with its own real history. Adding to it all, through this amazing Croatian GOT location you will get to see a mix of both. Split hosted the city of Meereen, The Slave Rebellion and even Daenerys’ Throne Room.

Trip to Europe - Trip to Croatia


And do you remember Daenerys’ Journey to Meereen? You’ll be able to recreate it, relive it. And enjoy all the beauty of the Croatian coastline – from the shore or from a boat.

Here, if you want, you can prolong your stay and get active at the Croatian coastline.


But why not combine several passions into one? In the little village along the way named Ston, you’ll see a small part of King’s Landing walls while being able to try the best oysters of the world.

Here is something for you if you’re looking for a truly romantic experience in Croatia. Oysters are believed to be a very good aphrodisiac, even more so when pulled from the water fresh and consumed with the view of crystal seas and Dubrovnik in front of you.


Dubrovnik, better known to the GOT fans as the King’s Landing, has its fair share of incredible GOT sights. You will see The Red Keep, Stairs to the Great Sept of Baelor, a House of the Undying, Spice King’s Palace, the Docks, Littlefinger’s Brothel, the King’s Landing Gates and you’ll even get to sit on the Iron throne. You will be guided by expert guides that have all participated in the filming and have many inside stories to tell. Get ready to see Dubrovnik from a completely different point of view.

GOT Croatia trip
Dubrovnik, Croatia

The ultimate Game of Thrones Croatia trip

Game of Thrones was a legendary series. Not only was is majestic, it was shot in majestic places. This tour will give you the best of both. You will see a cultural perspective of Croatia, its beautiful Natural Parks and seaside but through the eyes of Game of Thrones enthusiasts and people who actually participated in a shooting. You will be accompanied by a GOT knowladgable personal guide/driver. This is just an example of itinerary that can be modified and tailor made for your needs and wishes – there were many other movies shot in Croatia, so if you want to follow several of them, do let us know. This itinerary can be easily combined with other itineraries that you can find on our web page.

We are locals.

We know all the secrets, experiences, amazing sights and the best GOT Croatian trip.

Contact us or fill in our short but fun questionnaire to tell us exactly what your way of travelling is like, so that already our fist offer will be tailor made for you and you only.

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Zagreb, Croatia

Krka National Park, Lozovac, Croatia

Šibenik, Croatia

Trogir, Croatia

Split, Croatia

Makarska, Croatia

Ston, Croatia

Trsteno, Croatia

Dubrovnik, Croatia