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For such a small country, you can really find many golf courses in Slovenia. It  has more than a dozen 9-hole and 18-hole golf courses, spread out through idyllic settings, making them amongst the most beautiful ones in Europe. The best thing is that, since Slovenia is so small, the distances between them are so short, that you can play every day on a different course. The golf history started here already in the 1930s, back then under the former country of Yugoslavia, but since 1992, the Golf Association of Slovenia has kept up with the golf culture.

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Continue reading to get some ideas for your next golf vacation in Slovenia. If you are just getting started or you just wish to try it once, read at the end, which are some of the positive things that playing golf brings.

Golf Courses in Slovenia - Ljubljana golf course
Golf Courses in Slovenia
Golf in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Get your golf game on in the capital

Ljubljana has the only public golf course in Slovenia and at the same time the only one in our capital city. This 9-hole course is intended for everyone, players and golf lovers, which means that everyone can play on it, even those who don’t have a GVB license.

With this being said, this is the perfect place for anyone who wants to take a couple of hours for some relaxed swinging with friends or business associates.

Famous Slovenians - Goran Dragic - the Dragon

A few days in Ljubljana is perfect to do some sightseeing in the morning, play golf in the afternoon and enjoy a glass of local wine in the evening. For those with little time, adding a golf game to your tailor made Ljubljana city break will be an additional experience, as well as an idea for some leisure time, for the company’s next team building trip.

Play on the biggest golf course in Slovenia

Royal course Bled, Slovenia

For most of the travelers, Bled is known for its fabulous post-card pictures of its world famous Lake Bled. But let us share a secret, Bled is proud to offer you the biggest and the most prestigious golf course in Slovenia, also in association with IMG Prestige (*). The golf course consists of the Royal Course with eighteen holes and the Lake Course with nine holes. Golfers from all over Europe are attracted by the strategic layout of the course, as well as the complete tranquility provided by the majestic mountains and vast valleys of the Slovenian Alps, which are also known for the hiking and cycling.

Royal course Bled, Slovenia
Dinner after golf match, Bled, Slovenia

Connect with nature, connect with people.
Play on golf courses in Slovenia.

So, if you enjoy local and fresh food, paired with some good wine, let us know and we will include some ‘’golf time’’ in your gastronomy and wine route.

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A golf course between the vineyards

A golf course between the vineyards

Due to its natural features, this 9-hole course is extremely diverse and completely surrounded by vineyards. The course is enriched by a stream that runs in the middle, as well as ponds, a forest and other plants. This course ends next to a great local restaurant, so it’s almost a must to end the day trying the local specialties and of course, the wine being produced from the grapes of the surrounding vineyards. And don’t worry about staying late, our driver will pick you up and take you to your hotel.

Play in front of the king's castle

Play in front of the king's castle

The story setting goes something like this… In the heart of unspoiled nature, on an island in the middle of a river, reigns a castle. And next to it, one of the most attractive golf courses in Slovenia. So, to be pampered like a king and to experience the past times, with the complete comfort of today, let us suggest this. We’ll arrange the accommodation in the castle, throw in a daily excursion or two, wine tasting with local treats and get you set up for the 18-hole game in front of the castle. How does that sound?

Play in front of the king's castle - Otočec, Slovenia
Play in front of the king's castle - Otočec golf course, Slovenia

The oldest town offers the best-kept golf course

Ptuj, Slovenia

The town of Ptuj has a status of being the oldest city in Slovenia. Yes it’s a cultural city, full of history, located along the Drava River. With a mighty medieval castle and its almost globally famous Ptuj Carnival.

It also has a great golf course. The Ptuj golf course has repeatedly won the flattering title of the Best-Kept Golf Course in Slovenia. The course is known for its many pitfalls, as the player is expected to have water obstacles in most holes. It is not possible to rely on strength for a good result, but above all, on the accuracy of the shots.

Ptuj Spa, Slovenia

Players remember the 14th hole the most, trying to reach the island when hitting. The pitch is not too demanding, although the players from the pitches will have to work very hard for a good result. Due to its configuration, the course is also suitable for recreational players, as it does not require excessive physical fitness. Players can enjoy the game surrounded by the rich animal and plant life on the course.

Stay relaxed after your game of golf, Terme 3000, Slovenia

Stay relaxed after your game of golf

If you are looking for a really stress free holiday we have the right thing for you. Imagine after your game returning back to your hotel which offers thermal water pools, Jacuzzis, saunas, massages, the whole package.

Let us get you set up in a hotel, near one of the most interesting golf courses in Slovenia.

Golf courses in Slovenia, Ptuj

This nine-hole golf course is set between the sandy and water barriers in perfect harmony with nature.

The configuration and complexity of a golf course are an eternal debate among golfers. Due to the shorter distances, this course may be less strenuous, but due to its specific location, it requires extreme precision to achieve top results. Are you up for the challenge?

Most of the people decide to play golf for one of these reasons or more

Golf in Slovenia

– Being in nature and taking care of my health.
– It offers physical and mental relaxation.
– In the game, I depend only on myself, but I am still with my friends, family or associates.
– To make many new acquaintances.
– The game with its rules shows how to respect nature, teammates and the game itself.
– It is a sport suitable for all periods of life.
– It increases self-confidence and the ability to think positively.
– Increases the ability to concentrate.

Otočec castle, Slovenia
Golf courses in Slovenia

Above you have just gotten to know a couple of golf courses that Slovenia has to offer. Playing in golf courses in Slovenia can easily be an additional experience to a best of Slovenia route. Is your preferred scenery for playing golf being sounded by hills and mountains, vineyards or natural springs or staying close to the capital? Simply write to us and we’ll include a game on golf coursesin Slovenia in your one of a kind personal itinerary.

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Golf Course Arboretum Ljubljana, Volčji Potok, Radomlje, Slovenia

Royal Bled Golf, Vrba, Lesce, Slovenia

Golf klub Ptuj, Mlinska cesta, Ptuj, Slovenia

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