• Spring break family vacation in Slovenia & Croatia

    Spring break family vacation in Slovenia & Croatia

Luxurious spring break family vacation

In the spring time everything comes to life. This Ekorna EXPERIENCE itinerary is perfect for a spring break family vacation in Europe but you can easily combine it with Easter holidays or 1st of May days off. There is so much nature in Slovenia and Croatia. In the spring it is bright green colored, flowers are everywhere and the animals wake up from the winter sleep. And most of all – there are no crowds! Keep reading to see one possible itinerary – and keep in mind – we can tailor it however you prefer to make it perfect for you whether you prefer to travel through Slovenia or Croatia.


  • Private tour of Zagreb

  • Private tour of Plitvice lakes

  • Glamping as luxuriously & as close to the spring nature as it gets

  • Mountain detox

  • Brown bear safari


  • Adaptable itinerary to your wishes – tailor made

  • Possible to combine with other countries (Italy & Austria)

  • Private trip

  • Guided trip

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  • Spring break family vacation
  • Zagreb in spring
  • Zagreb in spring
  • Spring break family vacation in Slovenia & Croatia
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  • Brown bear safri in Slovenia
  • Vacation in Slovenia & Croatia
  • Spring break family vacation in Slovenia & Croatia
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  • Spring break family vacation in Slovenia & Croatia
  • Spring break family vacation in Slovenia & Croatia


Arrival to Zagreb or nearby airport to start your spring break family vacation. Depending on the time of your arrival you’ll be able to wander around the red-roof and cobblestone streets full of old churches, modern murals and charming restaurants. You can go shopping to the exclusive shops of the city center or opt for a privately guided tour.

Zagreb in spring


Thinking about spring time you can’t go pass the natural wanders. And what could be better than UNESCO protected Natural Park of Croatia? Plitvice Lakes National Park will impress you with otherworldly turquoise lakes and dramatic waterfalls. And the nature around them in the spring is bright green, full of singing birds. You’ll get a private visit so you’ll be truly able to enjoy every second of it.

Spring break family vacation
Glamping in Slovenia


After the time in Croatia it is time for the green Slovenia, truly amazing in the spring time. You’ll start with the unique accommodation options in Slovenia that really give you that extra something. That allows you to be as close to the nature as possible – in the trees, among the bees, breathing the morning air next to the spring.

Slovenian glampings are truly unique. You’ll feel luxurious while staying as close to the nature, as close to the spring as possible. Some of the glampings are located also in one of the special Slovenian thermal spa resorts so you can really get all the relaxation you might need.

Glamping in Slovenia
Travel to Slovenia, glamping


After a couple of relaxing days it is time to get active. On your way towards Slovenian capital Ljubljana you’ll stop in one of the most beautiful Slovenian mountains, accessible by cable car. You’ll get into the parallel world. Into the mountains full of old wooden shepherd houses.

Some of them are still in use, the others are transformed into luxurious retreats. But all of them are surrounded by fields of purple saffron flowers in the spring time. You will be able to take a short walk and try some traditional fresh food before continuing to Ljubljana.

Spring break family vacation in Slovenian mountains
Mountain detox in Slovenia


This is going to be a very special day. You’ll feel like you’re having a beer with a bear. You will sped the morning in the Slovenian capital and the Green capital of Europe 2017 – Ljubljana. In the spring time Ljubljana is vibrant, green and full of life. But to make it extra special we’ll take you to the old Ljubljana brewery where you’ll get a private visit and a special tasting of the most typical Slovenian beer.

But already in the afternoon we’ll take you deep into the forest on a mission to find a Slovenian brown bear in its natural habitat. Bear safari is possible from spring all the way to the autumn but it is the spring time that give you the unique chance to see the bear cubs. Slovenia has the largest brown bear colony in Europe and during this adventure you can almost come face to face with this wild but majestic beasts.

Spring break family vacation
Brown bear safri in Slovenia


After some more time to wander around the streets of Ljubljana, you can take a plane back home or prolong your stay with many other experiences we offer.

Slovenian gastronomy
Vacation in Slovenia & Croatia
Spring break family vacation in Slovenia & Croatia

Luxurious spring holidays in Slovenian & Croatia

This spring break family vacation will show you the best of Slovenia and north Croatia. You will be outdoorsy, in touch with nature, you will be camping but with a glamour – you’ll be glamping. The itinerary also includes the important city escapes to both capitals – Zagreb and Ljubljana and the two most important sight of both countries – Plitivce lakes and Lake Bled.

You will be, through the tour, accompanied by a personal guide/driver and we can even include a professional photographer for the best pictures of your trip. Also, this is just an example of itinerary that can be modified and tailor made for your needs and wishes. This itinerary can be easily combined with other itineraries that you can find on our web page.

We are locals.

We know all the secrets, the most romantic experiences and amazing sights. Write to us for your dream spring break family holiday!

Contact us or fill in our short but fun questionnaire to tell us exactly what your way of travelling is like, so that already our fist offer will be tailor made for you and you only.

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