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    Michelin Guide Slovenia

We finally have it. The first ever Michelin guide Slovenia! And it didn’t disappoint. It proved what Slovenians knew all along, that Slovenia is indeed a culinary heaven, a place to visit if you are a gourmand and a truly tasty destination.

Slovenia received:
1 two star restaurant, the first in the region
5 one star restaurants
37 restaurants received a plate
9 BIB Gourmand restaurants
6 sustainability awards

Below you can find the list of the best restaurants in Slovenia with their unique features. And don’t forget, if you want to include them in your travel plan around Slovenia do let us know as quickly as possible, restaurants with Michelin stars Slovenia are booked well in advance.

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Michelin Plate
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2 Michelin stars Slovenia

Hiša Franko - 2 Michelin stars and Ana Roš - World’s best female chef of 2017

Hiša Franko & Chef Ana Roš (Kobarid)

Whenever we speak about Slovenian cuisine, we have to mention her, Chef Ana Roš. In 2017 she was named best female chef in the world and her restaurant was listed 38th best in the world in 2019 (*). Together with her husband and sommelier Valter Kramar, she is setting new standards in Slovenian gastronomy. A 2 star recognition from Michelin was another achievement. With it, Hiša Franko became the first 2 star restaurant in the entire region.

Ana Roš, best chef in the world

Her cuisine is based mainly on combining local, fresh ingredients in a surprising and elevated way. She also received Michelin sustainability award. Hiša Franko is nestled in West Slovenian Mountains near a small Alpine village of Kobarid. The area itself represents, the same as Ana Roš, Slovenia at its best – green, active, healthy region full of history and natural beauty. Chef Ana will take care of your taste buds, the nature and amazing Soča river valley will do the rest.

Chef Ana Roš
Ana Roš, best chef in the world
Ana Roš, best chef in the world

1 Michelin star Slovenia

Slovenian gastronomy

Vila Podvin & Chef Uroš Štefelin (Radovljica)

This is the place to go if you want to taste traditional Slovenian food in an elevated and unique way. Chef Uroš Štefelin takes the traditional recipes of our grandmothers, local fresh ingredients and brings them to life. The restaurant Vila Podvin is found in the North, mountain area of Slovenia, besides the amazing food they also offer a place to stay and a unique venue for weddings and other special events.

Michelin guide Slovenia - Tomaž Kavčič - 1 Michelin star Slovenia

Pri Lojzetu & Chef Tomaž Kavčič (Vipava)

World famous Chef Tomaž Kavčič has always a smile on his face and offers a surprising combination of incredible dishes made primarily with local ingredients. You will find him in Vipava valley, a valley that was recognised as one of the top destinations to visit in Europe by Lonely Planet. And the restaurant Pri Lojzetu is located in one of the best viewpoints of the place, an old idyllic estate Zemono. Let the area wow you and Chef Tomaž spoil you.

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Atelje & Chef Jorg Zupan (Ljubljana)

This is the place to go when in Slovenian capital of Ljubljana. Although there are many recognized restaurants here Atelje is the one you have to visit. It can be found on the central street. Their menu represents natural, local ingredients. Sometimes you will be able to taste the traditional Slovenian dishes with a twist, the other times something more international. The Chef Jorg Zupan and his team let themselves a place to get creative and to enjoy the process of food creativity.

Slovenian wine region Goriška Brda

Dam & Chef Uroš Fakuč (Nova Gorica)

In this restaurant you will taste forgotten Mediterranean dishes with a twist of modern and surprising elements. Dam offers an experience of food, a nice intimate setting to remember. Chefs Uroš Fakuč dream was also to have a hotel and it doesn’t disappoint. This way you can enjoy his food all day long starting for amazing breakfast while this West side of Slovenia will give you plenty to do during the day. A tour of a wine region of Goriška Brda is an absolute must while here.

Michelin Guide Slovenia - Restaurant Denk - 1 Michelin star Slovenia

Hiša Denk & Chef Gregor Vračko (Zgornja Kungota)

Chef Gregor Vračko travelled the world to learn and came back to combine all the world knowledge into Slovenian cuisine. The presentation and the quality of the ingredients are only two of the keys to his success. The very modern restaurant where you will still fill cosy is located in a village of East Slovenia near Maribor and Pohorje, so you won’t lack amazing places to see while there. Pairing the food with amazing wine is therefore a must and we will make sure to include a heart shaped road to your itinerary as well.

Michelin plates Slovenia

37 restaurants received Michelin plates for outstanding cuisine. They are scattered all over Slovenia offering a vast variety of food, from traditional to international dishes. Tell us what you prefer and we will find you a perfect Michelin recommended restaurant serving fresh, delicate and technically outstanding food that will make your holidays in Slovenia even brighter and memorable. These restaurants are:

Food tour Slovenia, wine

  • Julijana,
  • Ošterija Debeluh,
  • Gostilna Vovko,
  • Gostilna Francl,
  • Dvor Jezeršek,
  • Gredič,
  • Hiša Torkla,
  • Marina,
  • Gostilna za Gradom,
  • Gostilna Krištof,
  • Pavus,
  • As,
  • B-Restaurant,
  • Cubo,
  • Harfa,
  • JB,
  • Maxim,
  • Monstera bistro,
  • Separé,
  • Shambala,
  • Strelec,
  • Sushimama,
  • Valvas’or,
  • Vander,
  • Mak,
  • Sedem,
  • Calypso,
  • Pikol,
  • Hiša Fink,
  • Otočec Castle,
  • Galerija okusov,
  • Stara Gostilna,
  • Rizibizi,
  • Sophia,
  • Hiša Krasna,
  • Danilo and
  • Kendov dvorec.

BIB Gourmand restaurants Slovenia

Food tour Slovenia

BIB Gourmand is a reward given to the restaurants that represent the best value for money. In Slovenia there are now 9 restaurants with this title:

  • Etna & Chef Igor Peresson (Divača)
  • Ruj & Chef Peter Patajac (Dol pri Vogljah)
  • Gostišče Grič & Chef Luka Košir (Horjul)
  • Jožef & Chef Sadmirja Talića (Idrija)
  • Na Gradu & Chef Damjan Fink (Ljubljana)
  • Rajh & Chef Leon Pintarič (Murska Sobota)
  • Mahorčič & Chef Ksenija Krajšek Mahorčič (Rodik)
  • Gostilna Repovž & Chef Meta Repovž (Šenjtanž)
  • Evergreen & Chef Mojmir Marko Šiftar (Smlednik)
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Michelin Sustainability awards Slovenia

Michelin sustainability award

Slovenia as a destination is sustainable on its own and has received many awards for that. But the Michelin guide Slovenia now also gave a recognition to 6 outstanding restaurants in Slovenia that make a special contribute to sustainability in their field. These are:

  • Gostišče Grič & Chef Luka Košir (Horjul)
  • Monstera Bistro & Chef Bine Volčič (Ljubljana)
  • Hiša Franko & Chef Ana Roš (Kobarid)
  • Gostilna za Gradom & Chef Davide Crisci (Koper)
  • Gostilna Krištof & Chef Uroš Gorjanc (Kranj)
  • Gostilna Mahorčič & Chef Ksenija Krajšek Mahorčič (Rodik)
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Slovenian cuisine

Slovenian gastronomy

Did you know that one of the biggest Slovenian hobbies is gardening and that fresh ingredients are the essence in all Slovenian homes? No wonder then that already the first ever Michelin guide Slovenia gave such a vast range of choices.

As you can see, your taste buds won’t be disappointed in Slovenia. Michelin guide Slovenia just confirmed what we knew all along, Slovenian truly is a place to go for gourmand lovers and travellers.

Slovenian gastronomy
Michelin guide Slovenia with a view

These restaurants and their selection of Slovenian wines will take you to the new heights. While the day to day Slovenian gastronomy will take you into the past and present you with a unique blend that only Slovenia can give.

A mixture of Italian, Austrian, Slavic and Mediterranean vibes in a unique, healthy and sustainable way you can only find in Slovenia.  Combine that with a variety of landscapes Slovenia has to offer and its safety and you have the perfect travel destination.

Taste Slovenian cuisine recomended by Michelin Guide Slovenia!

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Hiša Franko, Staro selo, Kobarid, Slovenia

Hiša Denk, Zgornja Kungota, Slovenia

Gostilna pri Lojzetu - Dvorec Zemono, Zemono, Vipava, Slovenia

Vila Podvin, Slovenija, Mošnje, Radovljica, Slovenia

DAM boutique hotel & restaurant, Ulica Vinka Vodopivca, Nova Gorica, Slovenia

Restaurant and bar Atelje, Nazorjeva ulica, Ljubljana, Slovenia

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