• Travel to Slovenia

    Travel to Slovenia

Travel to Slovenia, sleep in a wine barrel

Unique accomodation experiences in Slovenia

Enjoy your trip to Slovenia with EKORNA Experience in a different way. Ask us for a special and unique accommodation and we will arrange you sleeping in castles and manors, different sorts of glamping (honey, herbal, chocolate).

Sleep in a wine barrel

Since Slovenia is a wine country, you can also spend a night in a wine barrel or become a master of your own zidanica (cottages with a wine cellar).

Travel to Slovenia, glamping
Travel to Slovenia, glamping

Luxury trip to Slovenia with EKORNA Experience

Travel to Slovenia

Active experiences in Slovenia

Slovenia’s nature is one of a kind and more than a half of its surface is protected. Therefore you will have plenty of possibilities to be active and to truly relax on different biking and hiking trails.

Adrenalin experiences

Flying over the Triglav Mountain (the highest peak of Slovenia) and Lake Bled, kayaking, rafting and canyoning in Slovenian rivers, especially in emerald Soča River, will make your adrenaline levels rise to the sky. However, you’ll be perfectly safe the entire time.

Winter in nature

During winter time, you will discover Slovenia’s beauties ice climbing the frozen waterfalls. And while snowshoeing in Triglav National Park you will feel like you’re walking in the clouds. There are also multiple options for skiing, snowboarding and just having fun in the snow.

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Unique active experiences in Slovenia

If you’re looking for a different adventure, you can, for example, become a salt harvester for a day, search for brown bears in nature. Furthermore visit a fish farm and learn about growing the fish and how to recognize a really fresh fish, join in the wine harvesting or olive picking. Or explore the unique underground world on a unique train and with the concert in the Postojna cave.

Slovenian gastronomy

Gastronomy in Slovenia

Travelling around Slovenia, you will enjoy different specialties prepared by our well-known chefs, among them Ana Roš (the best female chef of 2017*), Tomaž Kavčič, Janez Bratovž, Uroš Štefelin and others. They will prepare you traditional Slovenian food in a modern way. It is Slovenian gastronomy on the highest level.

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Food tour Slovenia, Slovenian gastronomy
Gastronomy trip to Slovenia

Luxurious travel to Slovenia with EKORNA Experience

Travel to Slovenia, Predjama castle

Cultural experiences in Slovenia

If you like culture more than nature, you will also find interesting options in Slovenia. You can discover incredible sights on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.  Among the cities, visit Ljubljana with Ljubljana Castle or Bled with its island and castle. In Piran, you will enjoy the sound of the sea and the echoes in narrow medieval alleys; while in Ptuj you can »say goodbye« to the Winter during the most famous Slovenian carnival, accompanied by Kurenti (the most famous Slovenian carnival mask).

Slovenians invented the wheel

Slovenia has a very long cultural history. The first known musical instrument in the world’s history was found in Slovenia! It’s a 55.000 year old flute made out of a bear femur. And Slovenians also invented the wheel – the Ljubljana Marshes Wheel is the oldest ever found. Radiocarbon dating puts its age at 5,150 years. Make sure you see it during your trip to Slovenia.

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Romantic trip to Slovenia, slovenian wine

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Imagine Slovenia as a giant green treasure map shaped like a chicken
full of clues and mysteries and so many different adventures.
And we are locals, we know all the secrets, all the hidden places,
all the most beautiful and amazing sights and all the shortcuts.

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    Kranjska Gora, Slovenia

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