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    Kvarner Bay Croatia – TOP 10 regions 2020 by Lonely Planet

Kvarner Bay Croatia is part of the unknown Croatian charm. Nestled between the more known Istria on the west and Dalmatia in the south, Kvarner Bay possesses its own charm. Is was selected amongst top 10 best regions for travels in 2020 by Lonely Planet (*). The main port city of Rijeka (believe it or not literally translated as The River) is also European Capital of Culture in 2020.

Continue reading to get to know the most luxurious experiences this region has to offer – from a unique cruise to tasty delights and cultural heritage. We’ll throw in also a few interesting facts that you surely didn’t know before.

If you want a tailor made itinerary to get to know this region or to combine it with other parts of Croatia and even Slovenia – contact us. We’ll be happy to prepare it for you.

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Stone houses in Croatia
Kvarner Bay Croatia - Opatija
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Unknown Croatia – Kvarner Bay, Croatia

Kvarner Bay, Croatia offers something truly unique. A perfect combination of fairy-tale islands and the peace of mountain peaks.

Spot dolphins and turtles in the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic Sea and admire the freedom of eagles, wolves and bears in unspoilt nature of Nature Parks of Učka and Risnjak. All these only kilometres apart.

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Kvarner Bay Croatia - Opatija

Here is where tourism first started in Croatia in the 19th century. But did you know that at that time bathing in the sea wasn’t even a thing? No, European nobles recognised this regions mild climate and Mediterranean vegetation perfect for their holidays, relaxations and health.

Nowadays you can find luxurious villas and heritage hotels all around the bay in the towns of Opatija, Crikvenica, Novi Vinodol and of course, Rijeka.

Kvarner Bay Croatia - sailing

Luxury cruise – Kvarner Bay, Croatia

As already mentioned this is the area where tourism started in Croatia but despite that, nowadays, this actually isn’t the most touristy part of Croatia.

Game of Thrones really drove the spotlight to the south, but Croatia has much more to offer. And Kvarner region with its unique islands is the best example.

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The Adriatic Sea

Treat yourself with a private Croatian luxury cruise along the islands of Krk, Lošinj, Susak, Ilovik and Rab and Cres. Those are also the mythical Absyrthian islands from the legend of Argonauts.

You will enjoy the constant views of epic cliffs, coves and inlets connecting with the perfectly blue seas. Amongst them you’ll find plenty of little old fish towns filled with stone-built houses. And to make your senses complete you’ll be accompanied by lavender, sage, myrtle and umbrella pines fregrances every step of the way.

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Lavender in Croatia
Kvarner Bay Croatia - bridge to the island of Krk

Rijeka – the capital of Kvarner Bay

Rijeka is European Capital of Culture in 2020, it is the 3rd largest city in Croatia, an important port full of majestic Austro-Hungarian architecture but since it doesn’t have any real beach – many times missed by the tourists. It is definitely worth a stop while discovering the region. You’ll get a charming yet vibrant town. Filled with culture, good nightlife, many festivals and the most colourful carnival in Croatia. It is also the perfect getaway for a quick off the beaten path excursion into the limestone National Parks.

Food tour Croatia

Gastronomy of Kvarner

While in the region don’t miss in on the Rab Island cake, chestnuts – maruni, frogs, special cheeses and presumably the best Adriatic’s scampi.

Combined with the truffles from Istria region and amazing Croatian wines your taste buds will have the time of their life. We’ll be also happy to include in the itinerary Michelin star restaurant (*).

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Fishing in Croatia
Kvarner Bay Croatia

This region borders Istria, Slovenia and Dalmatian islands. It is unique on its own and perfect in combination with other parts to make your trip to Croatia the highlight of the year. Contact us for a tailor made itinerary and fill in a short questionnaire so already our first offer is perfectly tailored to fit all your wishes, needs and holiday goals.

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Get off the beaten path – visit Kvarner Bay Croatia!

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