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Slow travel in Croatia, Istria

Accomodation experience in Croatia

Enjoy your trip to Croatia with Ekorna EXPERIENCE in a different way: ask us for a special and unique accommodation and we will arrange for you, sleeping in a romantic lighthouse, on a luxurious boat or an ancient villa with spectacular view.

These are also an abundance of 5* hotels, boutique hotels and over the top accommodation experiences.

Summer land & cruise trip to Croatia
Plitvice lakes, Croatia

Luxury travel to Croatia with EKORNA Experience

Croatian coast

Movie experience in croatia

The beauty of Croatia is well known also through Hollywood movies. Oscar-winning Fiddler on the Roof, Sophie’s Choice, Dr. Who and Star Wars were filmed in Croatia. The island of Vis imitated Greece in the film Mamma Mia 2 while in the early 19th century thanks to the English poet Lord Byron, Dubrovnik is still known as the “Adriatic Pearl” and not only as Game of Thrones King’s Landing. Do you like any of those? With us you can even get themed tour. Does any of these spark an interest? We will gladly organize a themed tour for you.

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Boat cruise experience in Croatia

Lastly, Croatia wouldn’t be Croatia without its famous cruises. But there are cruises of many types, from small “boutique” cruises, to special gullets or yachts and deluxe cruises that take you to the most virgin beaches and deserted islands.

Croatia, Split
Cultural experience in Croatia

There is no shortage of unique cultural experiences in Croatia either. Croatia has a very long list of UNESCO protected sites and we can help you see them in a different view – privately, while dinning, from the eyes of the locals. For a trip to the former country of Yugoslavia, try the unique Katrca tour (typical Yugoslavian era cars) or take the former leader Tito tour.  The Roman amphitheatre is the only one with all 3 rows preserved – just imagine experiencing a concert inside.

Travel to Croatia, Croatian gastronomy

Gastronomy experience in Croatia

Cruising through Croatia will definitely boost up your appetite and gastronomy style in Croatia is all about fresh, local and quality. There are enough Michelin star or Michelin recommended restaurants to satisfy you on every corner. But for a truly special experience we can arrange you a personalized truffle hunting expedition with an exquisite degustation in the end. Or arrange the freshest oyster aphrodisiac treat.

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Gastronomy trip to Croatia, oysters
Croatian Gastronomy, truffles

Luxurious trip to Croatia with EKORNA Experience

Croatian coast, Mediterranean

Active experience in Croatia

In Croatia you can easily just lay on the fairytale beaches or by the pools, the whole holidays. But there are plenty of luxurious activities you can try in its unspoilt nature. Slide over the crystal clear waters in sea kayaking or sailing and see Dubrovnik from the completely new point of view. Explore the magical Mediterranean underwater world, its biodiversity and shipwreck diving. Or go a bit inland biking around, looking for truffles and picking the olives in Istria or get a private tour of Plitvice lakes.

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Travel to Croatia

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