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    Slovenia: the best destination to travel

One of the most prestigious and influential media outlets in the field of tourism, Conde Nast Traveler, has published a list of their travel picks for 2021. Their experts have placed Slovenia at the top of the list and named it the best destination to travel in 2021.

Conde Nast Traveler is one of the most prestigious magazines, with readers looking for unique experiences. The article describes Slovenia as an important and exciting destination in the world of gastronomy and wine. And with the latest global news from the world of restaurants, the famous MICHELIN GUIDE clearly demonstrated this.

Between the two great countries known to the whole world, Italy and Croatia, the winning ‘’dwarf’’ continues to emerge again and again, being mentioned all over. Visit this small country in the heart of Europe and discover that, although small, Slovenia is extremely diverse, as it lies at the crossroads of various geographical landscapes.

It’s no mystery that people travelling the world always like to try the local food in places ‘’off the beaten track’’, where the food comes from and where the locals take care of their produce. One of the reasons is that you get to eat fresh food from the garden and the barn and the other reason is to be with the locals. This is one way to get to know the country, from the local’s point of view. In Slovenia we all bet on the boutique hospitality of the local people, making us noticeable on the map.

When we talk about Slovenian gastronomy it is also important to mention that Slovenia is also chosen as the European Gastronomic of Region 2021, proving the importance of national cuisine and gastronomy. Slovenia shows that it contributes to the sustainable development of the world, promotes sustainable food tourism, supports local self-sufficiency, connects rural and urban areas, and emphasizes the importance of nutrition for health.

People are sometimes blinded by the technology, want everything on a touch of a button, but here we are proving that the personal touch still wins. Whether is the local guide that we organize for you, the personal concierge or the 20 local winemakers in the village of Svečina that invite visitors to their cellars, where they prepare tastings of wines and traditional dishes.

Looks like all of this counts, to be chosen first among the best destinations to travel in 2021. But this country has a lot more to offer. Here you can stroll through the vast green forests and see bears in their natural habitat, descend deep into the mysterious karst underground world and ascend to the high alpine peaks. You can also feel the power of unique healing springs of the thermal pools, go where the shepherds live, swim in the sea and SUP through the city center. You can visit the island on the lake and have lunch where the best female chef in the world cooks for you.

And you can do it all on a week’s vacation…
Now that’s an experience!

Why is Slovenia best destination to travel?

Slovenia is also mentioned as a sustainable destination for 5-star experiences, with spectacular nature, the green capital Ljubljana and unique experiences such as glamping tourism. Glamping is not only a different accommodation, but many connect these places in nature with organic farming, with locally sourced ingredients, collected and grown in gardens in front of you.

So whether you are just passing through to your next destination or you are just looking for your next city break, Slovenia invites you with the world famous Lake Bled and Postojna Cave, the turquoise water of the Soča River, with Ptuj, the oldest town in Slovenia and with healthy mineral waters, which are the focal point of many spa and wellness hotels.

Explore the best destination to travel in 2021.


Come and discover this gem, to understand why Conde Nast Traveler has chosen it as the best destination to travel in 2021.

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