• Winter vacation ideas in Slovenia

    Winter vacation ideas in Slovenia

Some automatically think of skiing or winter sports in general, when talking about winter. But some travellers are enchanted by winter’s first snowfall, the ambiance, the romantic winter walks or the Christmas markets. Weather you have already been to Slovenia or you’re simply looking for winter vacation ideas, we have listed some options for you in Slovenia. Some are world known places and some are just hidden secrets or should we say, also worth seeing, visiting and exploring when in Slovenia.

Winter vacation ideas in Ljubljana


Probably the best spot to stay since it is smack-dab in the middle of this beautiful country. From here you can do day trips to any part of Slovenia and be back before bedtime. Want to come in December? Just imagine, the Christmas market, the smell of mulled wine, the center of the city all light up and you on a calm river cruise through the old town.

No need for a vehicle to get around the center, it’s a pedestrian zone, meaning that you can come with children and not worry about them running around. A lovely ride with a funicular (or a 20 min walk if you are not warm enough), will have your phone full of pictures of views from the Ljubljana Castle.  But let us just mention that Ljubljana does have options. You want a walk in the park, we have Tivoli, want great gastronomy – there is a Michelin star restaurant. Great architecture – of course. Museums, check. Galleries, check. Wine bars, check… And everything walking distance from your hotel.

Visit Bled in Winter


Well, you know that Lake Bled is right there at the top, whether a summer or a winter vacation idea when in Slovenia. The image of an alpine lake with an island and a castle, surrounded by mighty snow-capped peaks, fills the visitor with peace and serenity. This is a time you can dedicate to yourself and spending precious moments together with your loved ones. Unspoiled nature and fresh mountain air call for walks holding hands, romantic carriage rides or active outdoor holiday.

For the hiking enthusiasts we suggest Ojstrica while in Bled. You will be thrilled. The not too demanding ascent offers beautiful views of Lake Bled. So why not diversify your trip to Bled with something different than just a walk around the lake?

Lake Bohinj is the largest natural lake in Slovenia. Lake Bohinj is a great option if you want to avoid the mases of Bled, be surrounded by nature and of course next to a lake. But you should try something different while in the Bohinj Valley. A calm horseback riding trip is something you could try. It can be done in all seasons, so it can be a winter vacation idea. The panorama of Lake Bohinj with the hills around, awakens our senses and from the horse’s back the experience is even more unique.

Are you looking for something to get your heart pumping faster? Go rafting. No, no, no, we are still talking about winter. It’s snow rafting we are talking about.  An adrenaline descent with a raft down the hill can be experienced with those closest to you, as up to three people go on a raft. An hour and a half or two hours long pure winter madness can also be experienced in the evening, as you can also go snow rafting in the light of torches.

Lake Cerknica is one of the largest intermittent lakes in Europe. And why would this be a winter vacation idea? That same place where you can take a boat ride in the spring is covered by a layer of ice in the winter. When the water freezes, Lake Cerknica is covered by a large ice sheet. If temperatures drop quickly while the lake is still full of water, many go skating on the frozen surface – with a good deal of caution, of course. Isn’t that one of the best winter vacation ideas?


On your way from the capital Ljubljana to the coast, there’s the world-famous Postojna Cave that’s really remarkable. And if you are in Slovenia for Christmas, the live performance of The Living Nativity will stay in your memories for ever.

If you wish to stretch your legs a bit on the way to the coast, stop for an easy walk to Koča Kokoš (Hen’s Lodge). A hike to Kokoš is especially suitable in winter, as the path is completely sunny, and you will find a much milder climate here than elsewhere in Slovenia.

The coastal walking path leading from Portorož to Piran is extremely nice, especially when we are missing some sun and miss the summer months. The walk path is by the sea, and it is also suitable for baby strollers, so feel free to bring the youngest ones along. And if you do, take them to the aquarium in Piran. The Piran Aquarium is not as big and rich as many others in Europe, but it is just right for children, their curiosity and attention. Staying a night or two on the Slovenian coast can also have its benefits, health benefits that is, as there is a nice wellness and spa complex inside the hotels, right on the main promenade in Portorož. The 6 connecting hotels offer the opportunity to relax and rejuvenate in the swimming pools with heated sea water.

Capture the magic of a winter vacation on the coast in the light of various festive events and the Christmas market. Make a toast at the Sparkling Wine Festival and treat yourself to the most romantic Valentine’s day in sLOVEnia before winter turns into spring.

Winter vacation ideas in Slovenia


And we are not just talking about skiing, it’s winter sports in general. And Slovenia does have a lot to offer for the active type. If you are looking for a weeklong skiing vacation, we can give you the option of Kranjska Gora. Probably the most famous alpine village in Slovenia that also attracts a lot of skiing fans to their international skiing competitions. There you can not only enjoy skiing and snowboarding, but also sledding, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, or simply going for nature walks in the nearby nature reserve Zelenci. You will rarely find yourself there, but a stop there is a must – especially if you are in Kranjska Gora.

For those who just want a bit of winter activities, a winter vacation idea could be a visit of a lovely Slovenian town, stay the night there, maybe go skiing in the morning and also do some afternoon exploring.


Head east of Ljubljana and visit Litija. Very little visited, but maybe that’s the point of going there. Litija is one of the oldest mining towns in Slovenia and on the outskirts of the city is the Sitarjevec mine, which is unique in the world due to the content of more than 60 minerals. In an hour-long tour, which is also suitable for wheelchairs, you will learn many interesting things.

After the tour, head to the Bogenšperk Castle, where you will learn about the castle’s history and the life and works of a famous Carniolan polymath, a fellow of the Royal Society, Johann Weikhard von Valvasor. Both the mine and the castle can be among the winter vacation ideas in Slovenia if the weather gets bad.

Besides going underground in the mine, in the town of Slovenske Konjice you can try it once again, as you visit the Zlati Grič wine cellar, which is interesting because of its architecture as well as technology. The Zlati Grič wine cellar is one of the most modern wine cellars in this region, and it is almost entirely built underground, so as not to spoil the beautiful view of the idyllic landscape with vineyards.

Winter vacation ideas in Slovenia
Winter vacation ideas in Slovenia

And yes, you can do some winter activities while you are in this region. The ski resort Rogla provides the winter pleasures. But if the wine tasting in the cellar left you with just enough energy for a leisure walk, you can go for a stroll through nature. Well not exactly through nature, but above nature, actually it’s a tree top walk. Isn’t that one of the best winter vacation ideas?

Maribor could also be a great choice for a winter vacation. One thing is that you can wake up late and still hit the slopes in the afternoon. It’s because Pohorje is so close that you can almost see the skiers from the old town. The Pohorje Ski Resort is the largest ski resort in Slovenia and well known for its “Golden Fox” competition, women’s World Cup races in giant slalom and slalom.

On your day off, we recommend a guided tour of the city, before a local gastronomy experience for lunch. In the afternoon, the guide can take you to the nearby town of Ptuj, the oldest town in Slovenia. And if the time of the winter is right, the famous Ptuj carnival will really show you its colourful side.

Visit Ptuj carnival in Slovenia

Did the above-mentioned spark an interest? Get in contact with us and we’ll provide more winter vacation ideas according to you wish list. But if you like the suggestions, write to us and lets get started with planning your winter vacation.