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    Truffle hunting in Slovenia

When you think about the Slovenian coast or Slovene Istria, most people don’t really associate it with a gourmet delicacy destination.  But there is local Tuber waiting to be sniffed out by a Labrador from below the ground. Yes, there in the forest just outside of Koper, the famous truffle can be found. And the experience of going truffle hunting in Slovenia can be something that you can enjoy, right before the delicious Istrian truffle is shaved over a warm dish, making the truffle the highlight of your plate.


After breakfast our guide will pick you up and take you on a trip, which allows all wine lovers and connoisseurs of all things fine, to experience Slovenian Istria away from the crowded routes and get to know one of the most historical rural traditions – truffle hunting in Slovenia. Take a walk behind the scenes of one of the most ‘’mysterious’’ jobs and get to know the unique truffle hunt in Slovenian Istria. The trip will be led by an experienced truffle hunter who will present to you the method of truffle hunting with dogs, their upbringing and everything related to this underground diamond. Way back truffles were being sniffed out by pigs, but they say that many were eaten by them before the hunter could get his hands on one ?.

Buscar trufas en Istria
Buscar trufas en Istria

You will be offered the opportunity for an exciting hunt for black (summer) and white (autumn) truffles. Gourmets will enjoy the opportunity to track down the renowned truffles in the company of professional hunters who will lead the hunt and reveal all their tricks. It might take a couple of hours of walking through the forest, so some comfortable shoes and clothes are suggested.

After the hunt, of course, it’s also time for lunch. We know that some calories will be lost with all the enjoyment so, a nice plate of freshly prepared fuzi pasta topped with truffles that you just brought in… You can imagine it, can’t you? But don’t excuse yourself from the table just yet, going truffle hunting in Slovenia, you know you are in Istria, meaning, you are also in for a treat with some local wine tasting. This first-class combination will excite all your senses! Stay awhile, talk with the locals and breath in the atmosphere.

So, make truffle hunting in Slovenia an addition to your trip to Slovenia. Make your day a culinary experience, a nature experience and another memorable Slovenia experience, with a truffle on top.

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