• Safari de osos

    Brown bear watching in Slovenia

Welcome to the kingdom of the bear! Spend an unforgettable day in nature where you will learn how important it is to maintain responsible coexistence between nature and man while listening to many interesting facts and observing these animals in its natural habitat. Brown bear watching is something you can add as a day trip to your route in Slovenia, something to get out of your routine, something to get away from the crowds. The brown bear and vast forests will surely impress you with their might.

The brown bear watching experience is organized in different parts of Slovenian forests, depending on availability and in the afternoon. The exact hour depends on the time of the year, but since the bears usually come out between May and October, it will probably be after your delicious local lunch ?. Your driver will pick you up at your location and take you to the planned pickup point, where you will continue into the vast forest with a forest ranger / guide in a terrain vehicle. During the drive you will get the chance to ask questions about bear watching and other animals that live in the Slovenian forests.

Safari de osos en Eslovenia

Perhaps it is better to get all of the information while driving, because as you get closer to the observatory, you should be as quite as possible, otherwise the animals get scared and will not approach. The possibility of spotting bears or other animals is almost certain, but we must mention that we can never guarantee it a 100 %, because these are still wild animals in their natural habitat.

Once you get to the end of your drive it is a short walk to the observatory where your brown bear watching experience really starts. Since you will wait in silence above ground for about 2 – 3 hours, it is actually not suitable for small children. The almost complete silence there, really plays a key role for the possibility of seeing the animals. For this reason, as well, the observatories are not for more than 4 people. Most bear watching spots have two observatories so you can split up in two groups if there are more than 4 persons attending.

Well, get your phones or professional cameras ready, come and visit us in Slovenia and enjoy the open-air zoo. With a bit of luck, apart from your brown bear watching ‘’meeting’’, you will also be able to see other animals sharing his territory – wolf, lynx, deer, roe deer, forest birds, owls, water birds..

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