• Wedding Venues in Slovenia

    Wedding Venues in Slovenia

Now, I would like you both to please join hands and face each other.

Sir, do you take this lovely lady to be your wife? I DO.

Miss, do you take this handsome gentleman to be your husband? I DO.

This will stay with you for ever. The ambiance. The music. The people that will share with you this day. The wedding venue.

Each year there are more and more couples that don’t go for the typical locations like the Maldives, the Caribbean, Hawaii. Couples now look for more pristine wedding venues, something that’s maybe known, but wouldn’t pop up in your mind as a number one location. How about Slovenia as your ‘’I do’’ location? Now before you even start asking yourself, let us tell you. It can be on the coast, we have nature as well, castles – we have them too. Surrounded by mountains, boutique hotels, perfect views – yes, not missing that either.  Below you can find some options for wedding venues in Slovenia. Take a look and write to us which would be your preferred theme, and we’ll take it from there.

Wedding Venues in Slovenia

We have divided the ideas into two parts, the most talked about wedding venues and the not so popular, but still very charming places worth considering.



This postcard location can be one of your choices among the wedding venues in Slovenia. Even your wedding can have a touch of a royal wedding. On a mighty cliff above Lake Bled, you will create wonderful memories and even more magical wedding photos. One of the oldest Slovenian castles hides more than a thousand years of history. You can enjoy the castle courtyard, the magnificent Knight’s Hall and the elegant Royal restaurant where the famous head chef Jezeršek will keep your tummy full.

If you prefer to be closer to the lake you can go for the elegant and exclusive Villa Bled. It can be the perfect wedding venue in Slovenia for a wonderful celebration. It is located in a quiet park by the lake. The breath-taking villa once served as Tito’s summer residence, hosting many important heads of state and movie stars. A chance that you too can feel as stars on this special day.

If in the middle of everything is your wish, it can also be done. Your wedding location can be in the middle of Lake Bled. Right there on the island. You have the church, the stairs to carry your bride ? and we have the small boats to take you there.

Get married in Bled

The days before the main event

We know that the days before can be stressful, so we will throw in some relax time for you and yours.You can actually stay in one of the spas in the area, overlooking the lake and with a glass of bubbly in your hands, or go for a romantic carriage ride around the lake.

You can also go hiking, as there are plenty of routes nearby. And to get also a bit of knowledge of the surrounding places, we can arrange a private guide who will take you to the, not far away, preserved medieval towns of Radovljica, Tržič, Kranj and Škofja Loka. In Radovljica you can also visit the museum of beekeeping and try some sweet honey from Slovenia.

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Also a protocol buildingBrdo Castle, the first Renaissance mansion in Carniola, recently celebrated half a millennium of its existence. Today, Brdo Castle is the central protocol facility of Slovenia and with its rich offer, the Brdo estate represents an excellent location, as it allows you to get married, have fun and spend your wedding day in one place. In the embrace of nature, hidden between tree-lined avenues, bridges and paths, are two lakes with two islands. On the first lake, a lovely Island of Love awaits you, surrounded by flowering water lilies in summer. On the other lake reigns the more spacious Duck Island. It is decorated with a covered roof, which protects you from possible raindrops if necessary. Breathtaking views of the surrounding nature, with the Alps in the background, is what you will get if this wedding location is chosen.

Also a restaurant – if you choose this wedding location, you not only get the ambiance of an estate of Zemono Manor House, but in addition, a Michelin Star restaurant with chef Tomaž Kavčič, which is inside Zemono. The estate stands on a hill overgrown with vines, in the shade of bushy trees and is the only example of this profane architecture in Slovenia. So, if you are looking for a wedding on an estate, with flawless gastronomy, we do recommend Zemono as a YES, I DO location.

Wedding Venues in Slovenia - Goriska Brda
Wedding in Otocec, Slovenia

Also a hotelthe two wedding venues in Slovenia mentioned here, are both also well-known hotels. Hotel Gredič is in a castle from the 16th century, in Cegle, the center of the wine-growing area of Goriška Brda, and 250 m from the Italian border. The castle walls of the mansion, the warmth and comfort of the restaurant and the breath-taking elegance of the wine shop with a festive temple of sparkling wines will inspire romantic memories in your wedding album. 

On an island in the middle of the river Krka, reigns one of the most attractive hotels in Slovenia, the Hotel Grad Otočec. This member of the prestigious association of hotels and restaurants Relais & Châteaux is also the only castle in Slovenia on an island.  Outdoors, on a green oasis in the middle of the lazy Krka, in the mighty castle courtyard surrounded by medieval walls, or in the privacy of a knight’s salon are the options for you both, to have a wedding day of your dreams.

Also a museum – the lavish Baroque Mansion Statenberg, where upon arrival you will be enchanted by the history of the manor itself. Today a part of the mansion serving also as a museum where among the decorations with exceptional frescoes and stucco you will walk through the Venetian apartment, a men’s hunting room, a ladies’ room, the Count’s library, a music room, a room dedicated to Franz Joseph, a room dedicated to Maria Theresa and a room of baroque and Venetian clothes also available for rent. A possibility to have a real castle wedding and for wedding photos, you can take advantage of the exceptional backdrop of the mansion and its surroundings.

Also rural – this countryside estate on a plateau in the middle of the woods is the first elite rural hotel complex in the luxury category. The Pule Estate combines a peaceful environment, exclusive wooden huts, horses and nature, gastronomy and well-being, making it irreplaceable and unique. This British like rural estate is most definitely a very good option as an intimate wedding venue in Slovenia.

Visit Lipica in Slovenia

The days before the main event

Love visiting estates? Then you should let us give you a ride to another very famous Slovene estate that’s known for horses. The Lipica stud farm is known for the world-famous white horses and is the cradle of Lipizzaner horses. The day spend here will surely relax you, being among these elegant animals. Enjoy the ambiance on the Europe’s oldest stud farm, take a carriage ride, walk on pastures, through avenues of trees and enjoy some alone time before the big day.

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Say the fateful ‘Yes’, dressed in the timeless sea scenery of the romantic Piran or the slightly more fashionable Portorož. On the coast you can go either way when we talk about a wedding venue in Slovenia. Feel like a royal couple at the location where Archduke Franz Ferdinand hosted his parties and celebrated with the aristocracy of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. The natural beauty of this romantic setting together with the 100-year-old park in the background is more than enough to conjure up a romantic moment that perfectly shows your love for each other. The imposing neoclassic Hotel Kempinski Palace can be the option where you will say your vows.

Strings play the main role in the symphony orchestra, which, in addition to the violin, also includes violas, cellos and double basses. Violins make up the largest part of an orchestra playing classical music, usually divided into a first and a second violin. The wedding venue in Piran will let you two, be the first and the second violin. Enjoy this original coastal town, next to the Giuseppe Tartini square. Just 5 steps from the sea, on a rooftop terrace of Hotel Piran, you can admire the “tre terre” or three countries and unforgettable sunsets.

Visit Piran, Slovenia

The days before the main event

Getting lost in Piran between the narrow-cobbled streets, secret paths, colourful facades, and lovely arches which recite hidden love songs, could take away some of the jitters of the upcoming main event. Or you can join our guide who will take you to the salt pans to pick your ‘’Fleur de Sel’’. Historically, the workers who harvested Fleur de Sel were women, because it was believed that as the salt crystals were so delicate, they needed to be collected by “a more delicate being’’.

Later, since you are so close to the Croatian border, a lovely trip to the charming towns of Motovun, Grožnjan and possibly the smallest town in the world, Hum, will definitely keep you two occupied while the team of local experts is setting everything up for your day.


Between the wedding venues in Slovenia, Ljubljana is chosen frequently as well. Here you can go the traditional way, the up-scale luxury, or the funky boutique way. Any way you choose, you can have Ljubljana below you, making this charming city yours to remember.

The Ljubljana Castle has been among the most popular locations for marriages for decades. Next to the beautiful halls for wedding ceremonies and celebrations, the chapel of St. George from the 15th century offers everything in one place for the conclusion of a church wedding ceremony and castle cuisine. And standing on the castle walls, you will have Ljubljana beneath you and the stars above you

If you are looking for something more towards a 5-star wedding location, the Hotel Intercontinental can have all the answers. You will be set at the doorstep of Ljubljana, with all the amenities that a place of that stature requires. Dine with Ljubljana below you, have drinks on the rooftop terrace and relax in the jacuzzi with the capital city under you.

For the funky type looking among the wedding venues in Slovenia, this small boutique oasis might do you justice. Just imagine, next to the river, in the old part of town. Next to the main promenade, with a sexy rooftop space, a lounge pool and Ljubljana’s old town below. If you are not planning a big wedding, you can actually reserve all 20 rooms of Hotel Vander and enjoy it only with the special few.

Get married in Ljubljana
Ljubljana Castle

The days before the main event

Something to take your mind of all the preparations can most definitely be a walk in the Tivoli Park or a stroll in a boat on the calm Ljubljanica River, underneath all the famous bridges and straight through the city. Sure, you will have our guide to give you some info about everything, plus a photographer for your ‘’on the river’’ moments. For a different evening under the stars, we’ll take you bear watching, but if you would like to get to know another capital city, since it is close enough, a day trip to Zagreb could make a relaxing daily excursion.




On that early morning of 1815, when the sun awoke over the Kozjak hills and its rays caressed the grass of the Pesnica Valley , the Benedictines from Admont had no idea that the first vine planted on the open slope, would survive to this day. This wedding venue in Slovenia is proof that some things just last. A steppingstone for your future together.  Enjoy this beautiful setting of the Doppler House of Wine, set on top of the hill just outside of the town of Maribor.

The days before the main event

Since this wedding venue in Slovenia has a lot to do with wine, our guide can take you to the nearby Maribor where the oldest vine in the world still produces grapes for this liquid delicacy. Of course, you will get all the knowledge about the city on your way there. Yes, wine tasting is included ?. And to get an idea where your heart is at, the heart shaped vineyard in the town of Spicnik will be a perfect photo stop for your digital collection. For the ones with a culture appetite, your personal guide will gladly take you to visit the oldest town in Slovenia, Ptuj.

Wedding Venues in Slovenia


This venue is located in the remote valley of St. John, in the municipality of Slovenske Konjice, where monks from the French Grand Carthusian Monastery settled in the 12th century.  In this hidden valley you will find an untouched piece of the world, Žička kartuzija. A place with special energy where respectful serenity and personified peace reign. It offers couples today the possibility of restoring inner harmony, far from the noise of everyday life and for this exact reason can be the ideal wedding location, your wedding location.

The days before the main event

Our private driver will surely take you to another breath-taking location in Slovenske Konjice that you both will adore. Right to a hill called the Golden Hill or Zlati grič. On the top of the hill you’ll find yourselves among the vineyards, with the vineyard mansion at the end of the narrow road. And a bit lower is one of the most modern wine cellars, with only a part of it above ground. Spend also some time in the town of Slovenske Konjice and go for a walk through the old part of town, which was first mentioned already in the year 1146.

Get married at Vila Vipovze
Wedding Venues in Slovenia


Villa Vipolže tells a story in the heart of the Slavic, Germanic and Romanesque world. One of the most beautiful renaissance villas in Slovenia can be the most romantic place to confirm your relationship. The unique wedding location of Villa Vipolže is becoming an increasingly popular venue for newlyweds. Your magical day can begin either in the beautiful park of Villa Vipolže or inside the Venetian rooms, the celebration continues with an aperitif in front of the villa and ends with an unforgettable and relaxed celebration in the cellar of the villa or on the platform in front. The wedding venue in Slovenia with Venetian architectural elements, while at the same time bringing freshness with modern design and equipment.

The days before the main event

Villa Vipovže is located right on the Italian border, so why not take advantage of this and let us organize a romantic trip to the nearby Trieste. And for even more romance, a day trip to Venice will seal the deal for sure. Either walk through the piazzas of Trieste or enjoy the pleasures of the la bea vita with the gondoliers singing O Sole Mio. Something that will add an additional spark to your already light hearts.


Štanjel Castle offers many charming corners for a unique wedding ceremony. Štanjel first enchants with a unique view of the compact village, caught between the walls and the picturesque castle, which adorns the karst hill like a precious necklace. When you give in to the invitation, it rewards you again, with the unique Ferrari Garden. Ferrari garden was built between the two world wars as part of the Villa Ferrari, owned by the Trieste doctor Enrico Ferrari. Plan your day to remember in this amazing garden with a viewing pavilion, fountains, an artificial cave and the most recognizable part of the garden, the oval pool with an islet.

The days before the main event

If beautiful gardens relax you, then we have just the thing. Spending some time in the most visited botanical park in Slovenia, will surely harmonize you. Arboretum Volčji Potok is Slovenia’s most visited botanical park. With 85 hectares, 1000 varieties of roses and 2 million tulips, the wife to be will have a day to remember. Mozirski gaj is another park worth seeing. With different themes in the park, one might opt to spend some time in the Japanese garden to start their life journey completely Rirakkusu リラックス ?

Wedding Venues in Slovenia - Rogaška


A very special experience is a walk along the promenade with landscaped tree-lined avenues, lawns and flower beds. So much greenery and fragrant flowers always contribute to a more pleasant feeling. And right here, among the flowerbeds and landscaped lawns, one of the wedding venues in Slov    enia awaits you two. Next to the park stands Grand Hotel Donat, which got its name from the famous spring water Donat Mg. So, in the small town of Rogaška Slatina you’ll not only be surrounded by nature, but also have a healthy start of your new path together.

And if the luxury of intimacy is what you both wish for your wedding venue in Slovenia, just up the hill from the main park in Rogaška, Hotel Atlantida will just blow your mind. A bit hidden, among the trees, and your choice because you don’t want to settle for the average, because you also want something in line with your lifestyle.

Emperor Ferdinand, the Roman Arena and the Roman Spring are just a few things that you will enjoy in the municipality of Rimske Toplice (Roman hot springs). There you can enjoy more than 2000 years of tradition in the hotel complex Rimske Terme, which looks a bit like it was built into the forest. This charming roman like setting, where once only members of the royal families came, can definitely be a good choice for a bride that does not want to get married on the beach.

The days before the main event

All of these places mentioned can of course offer you an excellent pampering in the spa center for both of you. Plus you have the thermal water pools, which Slovenia is also known for, to keep the stress levels to a minimum. For some fun historical facts and myths, our guide can take you to the town of Celje. With a visit to the Celje Castle, which was first mentioned in written sources in 1323, you will have a chance to get some knowledge and lovely photos taken. But just a warning to the bride, we might have to be quick with the castle visit once the groom hears about the bear fountain nearby.

Wedding in Slovenia

Want to have lunch away from everyone? Then the gastronomic experience waits for you 160 meters below the Earth’s surface, in the deepest dining room in Slovenia. Award-winning chefs will prepare it for you in the Velenje Coal Mine. How’s that for an escape from the wedding venue?

So now you have a couple of options for wedding venues in Slovenia. These are just some examples so you get an idea in which direction you can go with your wedding location. And remember, we are locals so surely, we have more ideas and options up our sleeve. So, contact us and tell us your thoughts, wishes and desires and we’ll prepare everything so that time spent here, will be all about the words:

I now pronounce you husband and wife; you may kiss your bride!

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