• Wedding Venues in Croatia

    Wedding Venues in Croatia

Maybe you were there once, it could have been with your loved one, your family or with friends. Maybe you went on a cruise there, a cultural trip, or a short city break. And it is also possible that you haven’t visited this country yet, but you hear a lot of people talking about it. Well it’s Croatia that we are talking about. It’s colourful, lively, with plenty of shoreline, great UNESCO spots and literally hundreds of islands.

Now imagine how many perfect wedding locations this can give you. If you have just been part of a ‘’one knee on the floor’’ speech, you almost sure have to start thinking about the right place to say I DO. Below we are giving you some options for wedding venues in Croatia. These serve like examples so that you have an idea in which direction you can go. Let us know how you feel about the list.


Wedding Venues in Croatia


Since Croatia is known for its coast, we just have to start with beach wedding venues. This unique place on the beach is located on the Lapad Peninsula in Dubrovnik. There, a great family restaurant provides the perfect combination of a top gastronomic offer, in an amazing landscape close to the sea and unforgettable sunsets. Of course, the ambiance is completely your choice, we just chose to call it like this because of its name ?. The Copacabana Beach can most definitely be in the competition for one of the best wedding venues in Croatia if you are looking for the perfect place for a beach wedding.


This wedding venue in Croatia hides its exciting beach location and is looking forward to putting you two together as one, with a promise never to face the world alone. Close your eyes and imagine the blue sea, the smell of olives, figs, cypress and orange trees, the forest… Let us present to you Restaurant Bowa. Located right on its private beach, with cabanas facing the sea in front of the Sipan Island, part of the Elaphiti Islands. Let the front porch of Sipan be a start of your uninterrupted path together.


In this completely renovated old house on the island of Hvar, the boundaries between indoor and outdoor space almost disappear and you are fused with nature. The beach is almost deserted, the environment is perfect, and the water is crystal clear in a hidden bay on the island. The luxurious boutique Hotel Little Green Bay is an ideal location to intimately tie the knot and have this green jewel in a turquoise sea in your memories for ever.

Honeymoon cruise in Croatia

Honeymoon ideas

Since you have chosen the beach for your wedding venue in Croatia, you are both probably the type that like the sea, the beach and the islands. If this is so, we have the perfect honeymoon trip for you. No changing hotels, different island or beach each day, and no transport planning from point A to point B. It’s the Croatian islands cruise that will take you island hopping and exploring. Just sailing among the islands, on a small boutique ship, you will both get the best of Croatian gastronomy, islands, beaches and the time you spend together.



Is there a more beautiful scenery than stone churches and streets, picturesque sunsets, the sounds of Dubrovnik bells, embracing walls and fortresses that preserve every love story and are a decoration to every wedding photo? Stepping out of your wedding venue at the Rector’s Palace in Dubrovnik after your have both said ‘’Yes forever’’, will give you all the above. Where to get married? In one of the most significant monuments of profane architecture on the Croatian coast, accompanied by acapella singing and classical music.


Right of the coast of Šibenik, located at the entrance to the channel of St. Ante, and was built in the middle of the 16th century to defend against Turkish attacks from the sea. The Fortress of St. Nicholas is a naval defensive fortress located on the small island of Ljuljevac.  Choosing this pretty particular wedding venue in Croatia, will let you two as a couple have control of the sea routes on this special day and for the upcoming days to come.


The Cathedral of St. Domnius is a church complex, formed by the imperial Roman mausoleum with a bell tower. The church itself is dedicated to the Virgin Mary, and the bell tower to St. Domnius. St. Domnius in Split is the oldest cathedral in the world. Just like the Cathedral, composed of three different sections, you two can form your section of Her+Him=Us, by saying I DO to each other in this UNESCO city.

Wedding in Sibenik
Wedding in Split

Honeymoon ideas

For a cultural couple, that loves the famous sites, the history and the classics, you can go all out on your honeymoon trip. Get to know all the Pearls of Croatia with your private driver / guide, who will give you all the insights of UNESCO places in Croatia. We can even combine your honeymoon trip into three countries, perhaps Montenegro, Bosnia and Croatia can form a lovely Balkan Triangle for a newly wed couple.




In search of unique wedding venues in Croatia it is sometimes necessary to deviate from the main road. But let the main roads lead you to Istria, to Bale. And then slow down and follow the road, while nature gets closer and closer to you. At the end of the road a large iron gate opens in front of you. You have arrived at Meneghetti. This Relais & Châteaux hotel / winery estate, a little bit elevated on the hill, brings nature and elegant luxury together. An oasis of peace and quiet surrounded by vineyards and olive groves and with its own winery. This rustic-meets-chic wedding venue will provide a unique ‘’I Do’’ day, turning your life trip into an adventure and making the life trip your goal.


Brtonigla, a small town at the top of the hill, may seem like a typical place in Istria, but there is an unusual hotel and restaurant that will win you over in several ways. Details in wood, stone and wrought iron evoke local tradition in the San Rocco Hotel and are closely related to the territory. In front of the hotel there is a beautiful garden, with shaded areas under the olive trees. A traditional intimate ambiance, yet luxurious enough to be a possibility as one of your wedding venues in Croatia.


We also had to give you two one from the non-coastal area. About 40 km from Zagreb is the famous sanctuary Marija Bistrica. Located in the heart of Marija Bistrica, near the central square, Bluesun Hotel Kaj offers a unique experience of this place. This is a place where a fairy tale becomes a reality. A place where you feel that everything exists only because of you. The celebration surrounded by the hills of Zagorje is truly a particularly fairy-tale experience. Join hands overlooking the picturesque landscapes of central Croatia, filled with vines and dense ash and oak forests.

Wedding Venues in Croatia - Motovun

Honeymoon ideas

Perhaps you both have chosen one of the places, for its nature, being in a wine region or being close but at the same time far from a city. If so, we can use one of this wedding venues in Croatia as a starting point to visit some lovely, secluded places that offer similar. A private honeymoon trip through the inner part of Istria, visiting charming towns like Motovun, Grožnjan and Hum and adding the neighbouring Slovenia, with the vineyards of Jeruzalem. Don’t worry we’ll also through in some alone time in one of the Spa hotels ?

So, if your thoughts lately have been: ‘’What greater thing is there for two souls, than to feel that they are joined together to strengthen each other in all labor, to minister to each other in all sorrow, to share with each other in all gladness, to be one with each other in the silent unspoken memories’’, then contact us and we will be more than glad to make your wedding venue in Croatia the start of your memories together.