• international travel in 2021

    International Travel in 2021

Yes, there are a few questions about tourism in general for the upcoming year. What do I need to know about international travel in 2021? How do I plan everything? What is the best type of accommodation? What kind of transport should I use?…

Below you can find the answers to these questions and some other useful information about how to travel in 2021. We are a tourist agency that organizes tailor made trips since the beginning, so we are just adjusting a couple of small things. A lot of agencies are now trying to change their way of executing their clients’ trips, starting to offer private trips. Well not us, no changes. We have been doing this since the beginning and for us it’s not a new way of selling our business. Read our suggestions, advice and what you can expect when you book your next trip with us.

international travel in 2021


Some may think that it is early to plan now for 2021, but planning early may not be as negative as you may think. No, you do not need to pay everything immediately so losing money is not a worry. If you are thinking about international travel in 2021, the positive thing is that, making a reservation now, gives you certainty that you have something reserved and secured. And with the possibility of a money refund if the Covid situation complicates, it’s simply better to get your foot in the door early.

For a lot of people travel is not just a vacation, it’s an essential part of education. To explore, to learn, to see.

You should get out there and at least start planning. Planning will also give you something positive to look forward to in these times and get your mind of the repeating daily news. The advice of a travel consultant can help with the ins and outs of the post corona travel, getting a plan together for when this will all be just a bad memory.


Travelling after corona will almost for sure be a bit different in ways of planning. Booking with a local agency makes things a lot easier and less stressful. Many people wanting to travel have one or more of these questions; Which places are safe? Is the hotel keeping up with all the sanitary regulations? What about the entrances, will I wait in lines with other people? And if something changes because of Corona, how will I stay up to date?

A reasonable solution: A top travel consultant makes a big difference and can take care of all this for you. It is always better to trust a local agency to organize your trip. Someone that is actually there at your destination can keep track of any changes, news or obstacles if they occur. Meaning that the agent has an advantage and can also have a plan B or C in place. Try it and see that it will make your international travel in 2021 more enjoying.

Travel to Slovenia in 2021


Now this is getting trickier week after week. We as a local tourist agency are really checking everything that has to do with travel almost daily, so let us be honest with you. It seems now that air travel will not pick up from where it left of, in the year 2021. It might take a while. With countries changing their COVID status very often, a lot of travellers have been cancelling their vacations, forcing the airlines with less occupied flights, to cancel as well. So imagine having connecting flights and one gets cancelled.

Flights in 2021

Travelers are choosing more and more: going on a vacation with a private jet. Let us tell you that sometimes it’s not as expensive as it sounds. We are not talking about renting a private 747, but small private planes, more like a Cessna Citation 501. It features a business configuration for 6 persons, with catering on the plane. With a reach of up to 2500 km, it can cover more than 500 airports in Europe. The prices of course vary, but you can already get a price of about 450 EUR / person (distance example: Zurich – Ljubljana – Zurich), if a family / group of 4 travel.

Even if you are arriving from USA or Latin America, you can get a transatlantic flight to maybe Paris and get a private jet from Paris to Ljubljana, for example.

We suggest that you get in touch with us so we can give you an exact price from point A to B and you might get surprised about the value for money you are getting.


If you are asking yourself ‘’how will I move around once I get there’’, we have you covered. Our transfers have always been private, with a car or a minivan, depending on the size of the group. Even if you book a trip with your family or friends, we have never put our clients together with other passengers and never will. So this stays the same.

What can you expect from us: we believe that each person is looking for a different experience, has different wishes, so we personalize it all for you. Your private driver, your private vehicle. Even if you wish to travel by joining a group tour, we have been doing it in small groups ever since. While group tours offer a more accessible price, we have been striving to keep the group small and the service at a higher level. If you are looking to join a group of 40 people… then the Ekorna travel agency is probably not the best choice.

international travel in 2021
Soca River - Slovenia


Of course, we can arrange for you a safe stay in a hotel. We have been working with the same hotels for years all over Slovenia, Croatia and the Balkans, which allows us to have more accurate information about their rooms, service, location and all the current safety and hygiene standards. But we have something new regarding accommodation for 2021.

Our other option for you: How about a one- or two-bedroom apartment in the city centre. With 24h support, luxurious, spacious, modern and professionally cleaned pre and post stay. With all the kitchen essentials… want to wake up to a made breakfast? Resolved. A personal chef will be there at a decided time and prepare your breakfast at the location.

If pure nature is your thing: your main accommodation for international travel in 2021 just dropped from heaven down to earth. Let us offer you glamping in the green Slovenia. Overlooking the hills, among the vineyards, next to a river or with a view of the mountains. Imagine, a romantic evening under the stars – every night, fresh local food from the garden – every day, travelling in summer or winter – AC / heating adjustable, arriving with children – sleeping in a tree house very desirable.

international travel in 2021

Looking to work away from home: then long-term renting should be your choice. Choose your working hours and when you’re done, enjoy a stroll through Ljubljana, through Piran, Kranjska gora or Ptuj. Some options if you decide for Slovenia. Rovinj, Pula or Opatija can be a suggestion in the land of truffles – Istria Croatia. Not south enough for you? How about any of the UNESCO cities; Zadar, Split or Dubrovnik? Did we narrow it down a bit? Tell us your type of accommodation and we’ll give you more options. Now let’s say that you wish to go on a short weekend trip to a nearby town. Booking with us, you get a personal concierge for the time being, making it easier to organize your free time.


Sometimes a unique experience can be something that doesn’t exist anywhere in the world. Sometimes it can be that a ‘’well-known person’’ cooks for you and other times it’s almost an ‘’everyday thing’’, like drinking a glass of wine, but the location of where it takes place, stays with you for ever.

On a week’s vacation we can: take you where you will drink wine next to the oldest vine in the world, you will get your meal prepared by the best female chef in the world and take you to enjoy your evening watching bears in their natural habitat. You will see the oldest town in Slovenia Ptuj, visit the coastal fishing village of Piran and while you are there, take a stroll over the Croatian border and meet the whole population of the town Hum ? (possibly the smallest town in the world). Not to mention that you will eat local food while you are in the European Region of Gastronomy 2021 and drink beer from a fountain. And we still have ideas left. So, contact us if any of the mentioned above are your choice.

Visit Slovenia in 2021


If you follow just a little bit of gastronomy news, you know that in the year 2020 Slovenia got its ‘’bragging rights’’. We got stars as well ?, Michelin stars that is. The first time ever that the Michelin Guide came to Slovenia and revealed the first ever selection of the country’s most valued restaurants. And the results, this small country can proudly present itself with 6 restaurants that were selected to carry the proud star. Oh, and one of those got 2 Michelin Stars the first time around. All together the Michelin Guide Slovenia offers 52 restaurants spread throughout this diverse country.

Foodie experience in Slovenia: how about eating in one of the Michelin selected restaurants every day, on your 7-day tour of Slovenia. Slovenia is so small that you can spice up your cultural tour by adding a ‘’one-a-day’’ Michelin Star restaurant to your daily menu, whether lunch or dinner. We’’ll plan the route for you according to your foodie wishes. Want only the top 6 in Slovenia or will any of the 52 from the Michelin guide do? If gastronomy is your thing, we suggest you put Slovenia on your list for international travel in 2021.

Travel to Croatia 2021

Tasting Croatia: planning to visit Croatia and want some gastronomy ideas? Besides the Michelin star restaurants, Croatia also offers a pretty good selection when it comes to Halal tourism, with already more then 20 hotels throughout the country with the Halal certificate.

So whether you go on a boat cruise or a private cultural tour, we’ll take you places to try the famous truffles of Istria, wines from the region, to the charming local konobas (restaurants) to try some of the freshest oysters and fish from the Adriatic.